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Sex Tape Plays During Graduation

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Think about it. We guarantee that moment is nowhere near as embarrassing as this. A student in Denmark was delivering his speech then suddenly a freaky a$$ home video hit the big screen for 450 students to see!

Usually a graduation ceremony includes speeches, gowns and applause. But no one was clapping when a sex video with one of the graduating students appeared on the big screen at a high school in Hellerup.

Around 450 people were present at the morning ceremony at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium school [Near Copenhagen] in order to view a film about the graduating class.

As clips of smiling students filled the screen, the atmosphere quickly changed as the film suddenly cut to one of the graduating students having sex with an unidentified woman in what looked like hidden camera footage. The sex clip was apparently loaded onto the computer used for the big screen presentation, in which students were allowed to contribute their own photos and video clips.

“It started with some pictures of them and you thought it was fun. But it then turned into a sex video. Everyone was shocked – but no-one turned it off. It was clearly too much and the 30 seconds the film lasted, felt a very long time,” a student says.

Wow, he has a story to tell his kids one day. And we bet he gets some thirsty chicks on his sack after seeing his mechanics on the big screen. He’s winning in the long run.



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