Trey Songz and Young Dro: Making it Rain on Them Hoes

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Young Dro, Trey Songz and Gramps hit up Magic City to get they freak on. These niccas were throwing cash everywhere.

Pictures of some random @ss and cash below.

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  • Mz_Magnificent1 LUVS Her Prez

    Damn those hoes Trey!!! You need a REAL woman like me lol!!! Trey Songz is such a cutie…


    Trey is a cutie!!!!

    Hey TREY!!!!!


  • Candid Canuck

    that girl in da white pants with the london tat is making me………

  • Nam

    It’s officially TREY DAY…How dare he be sooo damn gawjus and surrounded by all those chicken heads…damn what a tragedy.

  • Nam

    It’s officially TREY DAY…How dare he be sooo damn gawjus and surrounded by all those chicken heads…damn what a tragedy.

  • Leo

    They shoulda been passin out ho cake….hoes got to eat to!…..BATTY BATTY BATTY!

  • Lets Get It - (If Money Is The Root Of All Evil, P*ssy Is The Tree)

    Well cot-damn,

    The @zz on that red-bone so right another sista had to get a squeeze…lol I would pile drive that all night homie!


    corny azz niggs frequent strip clubs….

  • the sky is my limit

    It saddens me to see such sexiness around this mess. I still love you

  • Glitter202

    A Stripper with glasses? Cant get some contacts!?

  • Astropimp

    Gramps is Magic… Magic City?

  • Mister Anderson says


  • Nina Knows


    corny azz niggs frequent strip clubs….


    lol… FACT!

  • Bozo D. Clown

    That one in the white pants… Cot toe mottay!


    Ok …strippers w/ glasses…AND BRACES?? Wtf kinda benefit packages Magic City got???

  • *KP*

    Ok chick with the glasses and braces is cute but dayum contacts aint that expensive! all you gotta do is holla at 1800contacts and get em for the LOW

  • lj

    lol is that d. woods in the orange monokini???

  • KILO

    Gimme da girlie in da white wid da hoe stamp on her. Happy Thanksgiving to me:)

  • Chanel Shades

    I hope neither young man sells another record. Exploiting teen girls in strip clubs to make them feel like real men. Make it rain at Clark or Spellman and buy some students books. LOSERS

  • circa-81

    Ahhhhh….the strip club. Brings back memories…..but get’s played out quick. I may go every other blue moon, but I don’t drop a bunch of money. Usually if I am traveling it is a ritual to visit the local strip club as I did in the ATL when I went to magic city. Ain’t nothing wrond with a lil’ adult entertainment.

  • circa-81

    The one in the pic with trey got a pretty nice body. I bet you she be takin’ them fools fetti with ease.

  • Hotstuff

    I swear ATL has got to be one of the most tackiest places on this earth…LITERALLY!!!!!

  • K-mia

    I saw a stripper with glasses at Strokers once, and i thought the same thing, but she was making a lot of money that night. I guess some guys dig the nerdy stripper look, cuz she was getting a lot more requests than some other girls.

  • Yerr

    Stop hatin on these chicks!!! I like how Trey has his arms crossed, like I looks but I’ll be damned if I lay a finger on that hoe.

  • shayna

    F*** that i woulda been pickin up all dem dollar bills!!!Ya heard!!!

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