Head’s Up: The Most Famous Wig-Wearers Of All Time

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Celebrities Known For Their Wigs

Women loved to get dolled up. Celebrity women, especially. And to avoid having to deal with diffcult hair or to make an interesting statement, they throw on special wigs. Some are just practical and nice. Others are outrageous and attention-slore-y. Whatever, they become pretty popular.

Just take a look at the famous wigs of our time.


Beyonce’s blonde wig


Rihanna’s Fire Red


Nicki Minaj’s Crazy Wigs


Tyra Banks’ “Who Are You Kidding?”

lady gaga

Lady GaGa’s Wild Wigs

tina turner

Tina Turner’s Iconic Wig For The Ages

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    katy perry

    Katy Perry’s “We Don’t Care About Your Hair Color Just Show The Goods” Goods

    marilyn monroe

    Marilyn Monroe’s Classic Wig


    Everyone Else’s Wigs – Classic black is a standard that most celebrities out there are rocking.

    dennis rodman

    Dennis Rodman’s Many Wigs

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