Knifed Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We love AK but she looks like she had some work done. We just hope she doesn’t get corrupted by the industry and all knifed up like Vivica.

Poor thang.

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  • 70122Gyrl


  • M. DOT

    2nd…C’mon she doesn’t really look like she’s had surgery. People’s features do change as they get older…

  • 70122Gyrl

    I agree M. Dot, features do change as you get older.

  • lano

    she just grew up damn.

  • dwnsouthgyrl

    Ok with the number listing. I don’t think she had surgery either. Just knocking another good one down. How sad!

  • Kzoo Patrol

    I want to see her on the Cosby show. Does anyone have any pictures of her when she was on Bill Cosby’s knee?

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    OMG she didn’t have plastic surgery geesh…I look different from when I was a pre-teen too, everyone knows most peeps look kinda ackward in those middle/junior high school years.

    I know Sandra Rose’s ass is gonna post this crap too…she is such a hater, its fyckin ridiculous.

  • Gypsy EyeZ

    Why are you guys always trying to say that someone had some damn work done, and then have the nerve to use a fifth grade picture as your proof. Hell, I don’t look anything like my elementary school pictures either (thank God!) Alicia has not had any work done, leave her beuatiful ass alone!

  • Gypsy EyeZ

    Many typos there but you get my damn point!

  • Natej

    OK she DOES NOT look like she had surgery. Its called growing up…

  • Zara

    it def looks like she got her nose done, but who cares? She is amazing!

  • TheQueenOfLaugh

    Nah, she hasn’t gotten any work done…it’s just a mixture between the fact that her face is maturing and the angle of the picture! She looks great, it doesn’t look like any work has been done!

  • BS to the highest

    no work done… attribute those looks to makeup, airbrush, and camera angle.

    and the fact that the other pic you have is from when she was 12.

  • Cee

    Yall are reaching with this one. She just got older.

  • ofcoursenot

    It’s called money for make up, a hot comb and puberty.

  • mrs. dwayne johnson

    Rhino. Doesn’t matter. It’s only a problem if you come out looking rough like Vivica, Michael, Janet, Lil Kim, etc.





  • Seven

    i actually dont think she had surgery done!!! Just a stylist! comon! look at pictures of urself when u were 11, then look urself in the mirror!? n yea, u have 2 employ a stylist wholl fix u before u look urself in the miroor n ull see that difference!!!

  • nicole

    sike! no surgery. slow news day apparently.

  • T

    Like everyone states, she has grown up and our features do change. An so what!!!if she did have surgery done, it’s her choice and her money..

  • Sherry

    She didnt get plastic surgery, i agree, people change the older they get. She was younger then, when i was 12 my nose was slightly larger and now its smaller…

  • me

    Her hair shole is nappy in that pic.

  • ImpressMe

    People please don’t say that she was a kid then so she might have grown out of her nose. Please she half nicca. You can’t grow out of a big ass nose! That’s likey saying black folk can naturally grow out of nappy ass hair. I wish it was the truth cause Motions relaxers is a little expensive ya hear You got he relaxer by it self the shmpoo by it self the cond, by it self that’s a hefty penny.

  • Angie

    She’s too young in that pic. If you’d found something when she was 17 or older, it might be. She looks like she’s 10 in that pic. My nose looked bigger when I was 10. I grew into it and its just a normal nose now. I was flat chested until I was 15 and I’m a 38C now. I know that’s TMI, but I’m just saying if someone looked at me at 15, they would swear on a bible I had a boob job.

  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel


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