The Juice Is Loose

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Breaking News: OJ Simpson has left the building.

According to TMZ

Simpson went out the back door of the Clark County Courthouse. FOX News reports he’ll go to a bail bond office to sign paperwork and then will go straight to the airport to board a plane back to Florida.

I hope Orenthal has some “Get Out Of Jail Free” passes stashed away because Johnny Cockran can’t help him now. Those folks can’t wait to throw him under the bus. The alleged victims are already plotting to make bank off of the brotha. SMH!

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  • 70122Gyrl


  • camcam781

    oh God..

  • I Stay SMH


  • Frenchie

    he need to go on ahead and sit his old ass down…he must wanna go to Jail…he know they looking for ANY reason to put him UNDER the jail.

  • Coop

    Whether you like him or not this was a set up. If OJ gets out of this he needs to go and relax.

  • Mississippi Girl

    He will be back in jail by the end of the friggin week! and it only serves his murdering ass right! WE ALL KNOW THAT OJ KILLED NICOLE AND RON! lets just stop kidding ourselves.

  • Mississippi Girl

    oops!! I dont think that his name is Ron! That was his dad’s name!! But wateva, yall know who I mean!

  • slimting

    Orenthal is his name. And yea, that Johnny Cochran comment was wrong. Have some respect. The man is dead.

  • NextTopModel


  • ImpressMe

    Uh Oh white ppl lock your doors.

  • Bird

    He better enjoy his temporary freedom because it will be short lived unless he can get an R. Kelly hookup.

  • John

    They better keep an eye on him!!

  • ruthie

    OJ is so stupid, He should have know they were going to be after him the rest of his life. Yes, I believe he was set-up by the Goldman’s. His ass is going to jail because now the glove fits. stupid, stupid

  • FAmou$

    mississippi girl: how do you know that he killed them? were you there? yeah, maybe he had something to do with it but come on. how can one man stab 2 people? what was the other doing while the other was gettin’ stabbed? this is a straight setup and a racial one too. if it was a white man that killed his black wife or ex wife they wouldn’t be up under him like this. people is still holding a grudge to a case that is a decade and some years old. let it go.. the man’s life is done he has no money coming in like he used to. let him live and let God deal with him when the time of judgement comes.

  • ruthie

    And this time OJ black folk can not help you. Maybe if you would have did something for the community after you got freed we would have accepted you, but you went right back to your oreo style of living.


  • famou$

    ruthie: what the hell like really. why do you feel that the man had to provide for the black community. thats the thing with black folks.. yall always want help, always asking for a hook-up. the man has his own sh*t to deal with. stop being selfish.. no one should expect any offering and no one has to help.

  • BronxBrawler

    Johnnie Cochrane is looking down from heaven saying “I told you to stay away from those young white girls”

  • BronxBrawler

    Ruthie is right when he got into trouble the 1st time he tried to endear himself to our community because he knew some stupid blk ppl would stand up for him again.

  • wdstk

    I dont

  • Drah

    Funny, how when OJ, was in court Wednesday, he had that weak, soft voice that all brothas get when they’re in court, and in trouble!

    When the judge read all the charges, and asked OJ if he understood the charges against him he said, “yessuh”, real soft…you could barely hear him!

    I think its hilarious when they do that! They seem to lose all that swagger, and loud-talking, when the man has them cuffed, and in prison clothes!

  • ruthie


    If you remember back in the day, it was the black folks that gave OJ support during his trail. The white folk was ready to hang the man. The man did not adknowledge where his support came from EVEN NOW. AS I SAID HE WENT BACK TO THE SAME PEOPLE THAT TRIED TO KILL HIM.

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