Hate Hate Hate: LeBron James’ 10 Biggest Fails Of All Time

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LeBron James’ Biggest Fails

LeBron James has already had an incredible, drama-filled career. After coming to the league straight from high school, everyone expected only the best from him. Well, things haven’t quite turned out that way. For as much as he’s achieved, Bron has had his fair share of FAIL.

Let’s take a look at Prince James’ most questionable follies.

Jersey-gate – LeBron was deemed ineligible for a few games in high school for allegedly accepting throwback jerseys because he was just so cool and popular.

No Dunk Contest – Bron was supposed to be the next best dunker in the game. But he didn’t do a single dunk contest? For shame!

Celtics Choke – Back in 2010 there was a rumor that Delonte West chopped down his momma and he went out and had a stinker of a game against Boston before getting eliminated.

Here Comes The Broom – LeBron made it to the Finals in 2007. We were so excited! Then…he got swept. Errr…

MVPuppets – Nike ran this long campaign that pitted Kobe and LeBron against each other to prepare for an NBA Finals between the two. Well…Bron got beat and didn’t make it while Kobe actually won the title. SMH.

The Decision – This is how you make everyone hate you: have a press conference declaring that you’ll leave your team and rip their hearts out.

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    The Parade – Bron went to Miami and had a parade promising that they’d win 7 championships. *blank stare*

    That Hairline – Seriously, dude. Do something with it. Just cut that hair because you’re playing yourself.

    The Finals – The Heat should have beaten the Mavericks last year but LeBron had an all-time choke and cost his team the title. The whole loss falls on his shoulders.

    The Man Purse – Okay. We’re not going to throw shade at a man with a man purse. But. WHAT IN THE MOTHER[DELETED] DO YOU EVEN FIT IN THAT [DELETED] [DELETED] TINY [DELETED] BAG?!

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