Kick Rocks: The Allen Wranglers To Terrell Owens: “Go ‘Head And Sue, We’re Not Paying You Or Apologizing!””

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The Allen Wranglers Refuse To Pay Terrell Owens Or Apologize For Cutting Him

According to the TMZ reports:

The Allen Wranglers have informed Terrell Owens he can take a long walk off a short pier — scoffing at the former NFL star’s demands for money and an apology.

TMZ broke the story … Terrell issued an ultimatum to the Wranglers — 1) cut him a $160,000 check for 4 games he wasn’t paid for, and 2) apologize for saying Owens blew off a team charity event at a children’s hospital. If the Wranglers don’t comply, T.O. has vowed to sue.

Now, sources tell us the Wranglers aren’t budging — refusing to pay Owens the 160k or issue a mea culpa.

We’re told things have gotten downright nasty, with Wranglers owner Jon Frankel accusing Owens of blowing off 4 additional team events … something T.O. vigorously denies.

Now, T.O.’s tightening the screws — claiming if the Wranglers don’t pony up by the end of business today, he’s filing suit.

And how’s this for ironic — right before the Wranglers cut Owens last month, they sent out a letter to season ticket holders asking them to renew their membership … a letter that prominently featured T.O.’s face. Pretty funny.

Terrell should have known that those folks weren’t about to pay him isht, he might as well scrape up his last couple dollars and hire a lawyer.

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