14-Year-Old Host Of Political Radio Show Says “Obama Is Making Kids Gay” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

And we thought kids were more open-minded than adults. But it turns out there’s one young politically minded teen who isn’t so keen on Obama’s recent show of support to same-sex marriage.

14-Year-Old Internet Radio Host Caiden Cowger Declares “Obama Is Making Kids Gay

A vehemently anti-gay radio show host is making headlines with his latest proclamation that Obama is “making kids gay” — and he’s only 14 years old.

Caiden Cowger of West Virginia hosts the “Caiden Cowger” Internet radio show twice a week, where he gabs about his staunchly conservative political beliefs.

During one of his recent broadcasts, which are syndicated by Spreaker Web Radio, the teen explains how he is “sickened” by watching some of his friends “turn to” homosexuality, which he says the Obama administration encourages.

“They are encouraging kids to think, ‘Well, you know what? They’re talking about being a homosexual and they’re saying there’s nothing wrong with being gay, so you know what, I think I might try that out for a little bit,” Cowger says. “That is what’s going on!”

The teen adds that the President should be urging young people to turn away from homosexuality, “a perverted belief.”

Cowger added that he doesn’t believe in bullying his gay peers, but that the definition of bullying has been skewed.

“When you’re trying to teach them the word of God and they consider that bullying … I find that a big problem, not being allowed to convert other people to my religion,” he said.

On his show, the teen has interviewed former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain and John Raese, a Republican running to represent West Virginia in the U.S. Senate.

Cowger identifies himself as a Pentecostal Christian on his Facebook page, where he also names Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as role models.

In March, Cowger announced he is writing a book, “Restoring America.”

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SMH man… We’d say this kid is a future wankster, but we’re pretty sure his classmates would tell us he already is one! There’s got to be better role models out there for teens than Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to look up to.


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