Jury Convicts Hosea Thomas of Murdering T.I.’s Best Friend

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The Jury did not take long to convict Hosea Thomas in that random act of thuggery that killed Philiant Johnson:

It took a Cincinnati jury less than a day to render a guilty verdict on Wednesday (November 26) in the murder trial of Hosea Thomas. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the jury convicted Thomas on all 11 counts he faced in the 2006 shooting death of rapper T.I.’s boyhood friend and assistant, Philant Johnson, 26, including murder, five counts of felonious assault and illegally having a gun after a felony conviction. Thomas will be sentenced on December 23 and faces a minimum of 20 years in the case, which hinged on the devastating testimony of the defendant’s brother, who was driving the car Thomas was traveling in on the night prosecutors said he opened fire on T.I.’s entourage.

Lock that dumb @ss up and throw away the key. F*ck a thug.


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  • hi


  • hi

    i cant belive that i’m first wow

  • Suthnpeach

    Good. His on brother snitched on his Stupid Ass. They goning to whoop his ass in that agg tank.

  • Prissy

    LOL @ Suthnpeach…

  • Kubaff ndani ya nyumba!!!

    nobody try and shoot at ti and get away with it!!lock up the thug for life!!

  • Chanel Shades

    Ok so did the brother/driver rat his brother out to get a reduced sentance or get off? Becasue you could not make me drive you anywhere if you got a gun and want to shhot somebody. He should have drove his brother away from the problem not to it. Bottom line the drive needs to be punished too, you assisted the killing Phil for nothing.

  • Chanel Shades



  • Chanel Shades


    I cant spell today all this cooking is frying m brains. I need a nap. Happy Turkey Day Ya’ll



  • simonesdad2008

    Let’s put people like this on notice. We, the black community, will not tolerate this. This is the new age of Obama. Let’s collectively step up our game and leave this nonsense behind.

  • CamronsMyHusband

    T.I = The Informant!!!!

    BOTTOM LINE! I respect him; he followed his heart but in the street world he will always be a snitch!

    The same exact thing happened to Busta Rhymes and he did dot snitch, he did not take the stand or give a statement to cops cause hes from Brooklyn and he knows thats against the code. T.I AKA The Informant is from the country; yall breed different out there. Its evident.

    I respect T.I for standing up for something he believes in. But no more street talk and all that TIPster… Thats over with now.

  • Opie Taylor


    So when Busta’s bodyguard was murdered and less than a year later, another associate was murdered, you feel that it was Busta’s duty to stay true to the streets and not assist the police in apprehending the offending parties? And with that said, you people have the gall to complain about the police and their perceived apathy when responding to the concerns of your community!?! You people are truly lost.

  • Christmas Jones

    shut the hell up, CamronsMyHusband…he is not a SNITCH…you keep perpetuating stereotypes like that around and no one will get justice this day and age…its a dawn of a new government system and you still talking about “well T.I. is still a snitch” man, go somewhurr. Busta Rhymes friend is probably cursing him to this day, what kind of loyalty is that? Loyalty to the person who killed your close friend? Then with friends like YOU, who needs enemies? I hate stupid people…

    T.I., I commend you, I love you, and I pray for you. You are i believe the only rapper I admire more than just your lyrics and acting credentials (cuz you can act boo!) I’m sorry about T.I.’s friend, thats a devastating thing to happen to anyone, and if yo have the power to catch the killers and throw them in jail, I SUGGEST YOU DO JUST THAT AND RESPECT THE DEAD!

  • Bestlife

    I’m soooooo glad for T.I. this nightmare is almost over. For all ya’ll who think being a snitch is negative had better wake up! Otherwise,your dumb azz will be sitting right along this ignant nicca in jail. If his brother gets a shorter sentence for telling the truth so be it. T.I’s friend did nothing wrong..he deserves justice. He was out to have a good time until this stupid-azz-country-fried negro came along. I said it before and I’ll say it again…keep your mouth shut if you want to. If I am ever faced with a jail sentence over telling the truth…I’m spillin my guts to anybody and everybody who can make a difference in my case. I suggest you stupid so-called thugs do the same thing rather than breaking the hearts of people who love and care about you. Enough said.

  • Christmas Jones

    THANK YOU OPIE TAYLOR…though I don’t like being referred to as “you people” its the truth, when it comes to being tight lipped and at the same time resenting 911 calls that take cops 2 hours to arrive…although, that is another issue

  • Slim

    It’s trife ass people like CamronsMyHusband that are making Opie’s comments TRUE. (well-said, Opie)

    And CamronsMyHusband- did you even listen to Paper Trail?? If not, you wouldn’t have even said that dumb sh*t about T.I. needs to drop the “street talk” –> lyrics from “Top of the World” : “Man I remember, before I say that wait, let me issue this statement- No way should reflection be mistaken for glorification”

  • YGB


    You are a prime example of what is wrong with the world today. You consider street cred more important than a person’s life – how sad is that sh!t? Would you be saying the same thing if Philant had been a relative of yours????Somehow, I doubt it. You need to wake up before it’s too late!!!

  • Kevin W.

    Street Cred huh? It’s a shame that some people don’t see that prisons are no longer here for punishment. Prisons are here to warehouse those individuals deemed by the government and society as undesirable. Are you in a gang? Wonderful! That means you’ll be spending most of your time on the streets committing crimes and easy to pick out with those special colors. At some point, street cred will lead some young, black, male to commit a homicide, which can be seen in this case. That means that he’ll be placed in the new-age slave, uh hem, warehouse to rot away during the best and most productive years of his life. If people would just start standing up to all of the nonsense that goes on in our commuties, the majority of social strife that has plagued our people for years will be a thing of the past.

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  • Get Smart

    To CamronsMyhusband… FYI: several of us are concerned with your ignorance.

    To the rest of you like minded ignorant individuals, all I’m gonna say is ‘there’s a big difference between free speech and cheap talk’. Get ur mind right.

  • ms meca

    im glad they locked him up and his brother should be locked up to… this is the prime example i dont party at club ritz it is a club for hoodrats .. when this ish first happened these cincinnati cats thought this ish was gonna put them on the map and look what happened not a d*m thing.. this is the talk in cincinnati now all yu hear is how hood cincinnati is because they almost killed t.i and then killed his body guard . smh

  • ms meca

    i think t.i did the right thing… i dont see how people r saying he ah snitch … f*ck that if my people got murdered ill testify and wouldnt giva f*ck about who sayin ima snitch and dest real

  • mzsweetface

    I’m glad justice was served.

  • Christmas Jones

    “in the street world he will always be a snitch!”

    Oh and another thing, if all you know are facts about the “street world”, you MUST get out more! Black people have moved on up, I don’t know where you be squattin

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