Happy Black Friday

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Please be appreciative for having your sanity in this day and age people. Money can’t buy you that. Don’t go spending all your stacks today just because it’s Black Friday. Happy Shopping…

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  • Christmas Jones

    I thought that was Will and Grace. SMH


    That sweater is FLY….

    Christmas Jones….

    I thought it was Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan…

  • Doagae

    WTF? I thought that was Rhianna…

  • rainbowrabbit

    Is that Bobby Trendy?

  • beloved

    lmao @christmas jones,it does look like will and grace

  • LoveHaters

    I went to an upscale Walmart with my friend and white people got all the tvs.

  • Da Key

    Hey I just admonish folks to be cognizant of their surroundings when shopping. Crime is very treacherous around this time. Keep your wits about you and God bless.

  • shar


    “That sweater is FLY….

    Christmas Jones….

    I thought it was Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan”


    Yes I thought it was Rhianna for a sec too. It would look good on her too with some modification. The colour riot look.

  • Vina

    LOL! I thought it was Rihanna too!!!

  • Christmas Jones

    LOL @ Nikki Underwood…dag, there are just too many Lindsay Lohan/lesbian/androgynous/Rhianna/tranny/pre op and post op jokes floating arond in my head now that you and some others pointed that out…

    LMAO @ lol

  • kai

    hahah i thought that was rihanna!!


    LOL@ dude looking back at them…look right over Lindsay’s hat…you will peep.

    Christmas Jones…

    SHARE THEM ALL!! All the jokes…I have to be here to work on this United Way project…keep my company 😦

  • The Grundle (aka Phillip T. McNasty)

    LMAO @ LoveHater’s “upscale Walmart.”

    I’m sorry, any store that you can get a gold chain, a blender and a denim outfit for $20 cannot be “upscale.”

  • Razzell Dazzell

    I’m not going to Walmart simply because they don’t support the President Elect or their workers like the should. Their intimidated by Obama healthcare program because it will force them to do what the should have been doing all along….ensuring their workers have adequate, affordable healthcare. All that money, and they don’t want to pay their workers like they should, come on, people are struggling. Think smarter not harder people. Don’t make life more difficult after the holidays. Most of us want to do and buy nice things for friends and family but if you don’t have it, well…..a hug makes the heart smile, so do with that what you wish. Happy Holidays!

  • Reppin H-Town

    Yes that is Bobby Trendy…LMAO….aaw he looks cute…LMAO some more….



  • Lacombe Redbone (...Creole's Need Luv Too! )

    “Steven Tyler P.J’s…Steven Tyler P.J’s!!”

  • sepia830


    I went to an upscale Walmart with my friend and white people got all the tvs.


    Upscale Walmart? Thanks–my first laugh of the day. 🙂

  • beloved

    lmao@the mans crotch looks like a ken doll

  • OML

    at first i thought that was Rihanna; had to double take lol

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Rihanna lookin FUGLY hahahHAHAHAHhahahahHAHAHhHAHAHAhahah a heee

  • shes_FRESH*

    LMAO I really did think that was Rihanna && Chris Brown for a second… hmm

  • LA

    jesus take da wheel

  • fifi

    the one right look like rihanna n dresses like her too

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