Bath Salts Are Bad M’kay: British Bride Kicks The Bucket After Binging On The World’s Newest Drug Craze To Lose Weight

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This isht has GOT to stop…immediately!

British Brides Dies From Using Bath Salts To Lose Weight

Barely a year ago, Sarah Forsyth walked down the aisle in an ivory wedding dress.

‘She was beautiful and so happy then,’ says her mother Margaret Moyle, slowly turning the pages of the wedding album. ‘She will be wearing that dress for her funeral.’

Sarah, 35, died a week ago today, after falling into a coma. Her parents are in no doubt as to what killed her.

Since October last year, she had been regularly buying and using a legal substance called Ivory Wave. And although the coroner is yet to record his verdict, the Moyles lay the blame for her death firmly at the drug’s door.

They insist the powerful powder-form legal drug, sold in £15, 500mg bags on the internet and over the counter in specialist herbal shops, destroyed Sarah’s mental and physical health with terrifying speed.

They are convinced it caused severe swelling and irreparable damage to her brain and raised her heart rate to such a level that when she was taken off life-support it gave up under the strain.

Sarah first bought the drug ten months ago after she read on an online forum that it could help with weight loss.

Just two weeks ago, the drug – also known as Ivory Coast, Purple Wave or Vanilla Sky – was linked to the death of a young man in the Isle of Wight and in recent months has hospitalised dozens more.

Say Sarah’s mother Margaret:

‘I honestly don’t think Sarah had a clue what she was getting herself into when she bought it,’ says Margaret, 60. ‘To my knowledge, she had never been a drug user.

‘As far as I knew, she just wanted something to help her lose a few pounds and, stupidly perhaps, she got this stuff she’d seen on the internet.

‘It got hold of her so quickly. She was in its grip.’

Within months of taking her first hit, their happy, healthy, newlywed daughter had become a paranoid, aggressive agoraphobic, insomniac. She dropped from a size 16 to a size six.

Get some running shoes, and do some cardio, but for the love of everything sacred and holy DON’T DO BATH SALTS!

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