Natalie Nunn Goes From "Bad Girl" To "Bridezilla"

Bossip Exclusive: Natalie Nunn Goes From “Bad Girl” To “Bridezilla”

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How did you and your hubby Jacob meet?

Natalie: I met Jacob in Detroit last year. When we first went to dinner, someone broke the story online that we were married, and I couldn’t believe it! All of our close friends knew about us early on, but we never mentioned it publically. By the time Bridezillas came, I was ready to move onto a new network (WeTV, which I love), and announce to the world that I was getting married. So now, instead of being surrounded by women I didn’t know on Bad Girls Club, I’m surrounded by my family, Jacob’s family, and my actual friends.

Have any of his family members seen Bad Girls Club, or have had a perception of you before they met you?

They don’t watch it, but when they found out who their son was dating, they put two and two together. People told them that “she was the one from the Bad Girls Club”, and starting having thoughts about me. It’s been hard to find a guy who is willing to look past Bad Girls Club, or what blogs and websites say about me, and actually try to get to know me. That’s one thing about my husband Jacob, he’s been my biggest supporter and that’s what matters the most to me. He doesn’t judge me for what bloggers have written.

Back to Bridezillas… how was the experience with your family and your new husband?

Jacob met my family, since he’s living with me in L.A. for about a year. My family lives a hop and skip away, in the Bay Area. It was the first time I met his family, since he’s from Detroit. We’ve been dating for about a year now, and our schedules were so crazy that it was hard for us to get to Detroit. We kept planning and trying to get up to Detroit, but they ended up coming to California for the wedding, and I met all of them there.

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