Natalie Nunn Goes From "Bad Girl" To "Bridezilla"

Bossip Exclusive: Natalie Nunn Goes From “Bad Girl” To “Bridezilla”

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What was it like facing the aggressive attitudes on Bridezillas?

I’m always going to be the “Bridezilla”, I’m always going to be the “Bad Girl”, and I’m okay with that. My fans like seeing the diva in me, they want to see fight for what I want. And honestly, that is a lot of me. I’m a very strong female. I’m okay with people knowing the real Natalie, and that’s why Bridezilla was perfect. However it’s portrayed is probably how it happened, and you’re going to see Natalie in her real element.

You’ve mentioned Bria Myles and Meagan Good being good friends with you. What were their personalities like and how did they interact with one another?

Meagan has always been a big sister to me; I’ve known her for nine years. I used to spend weekends at her house while I was at USC – I was on set on her trailer when she was in Waist Deep. She’s always been someone I look up to. I basically laid ground rules for everyone saying that if you don’t come to my wedding, I’m done… I’m done with all of you. Everyone’s there, though, and that means something to me. They’re my friends, and they all support me. Each girl is my bridesmaid. And, it’s tough, because they’re all divas in a way. All of us bump heads at some time. It was a tough time for me, because a lot of people who thought they were my close friends, like Tanisha Thomas, I was a bridesmaid at her wedding on Oxygen, but she’s not on my show.

Why is that? Is there beef?

It’s drama. Right now, even when we’re not filming, I’m dealing with drama with her. I told her that we’re more “friends for TV”, and the wedding on Bridezillas was really personal to me. We were really close at one point, but things have changed in our relationship since her wedding. I didn’t ask her to be a Bridesmaid for my wedding, and it caused a lot of dispute. A lot of mean things were said over Twitter, a lot of back and forth drama. I think it was because Tanisha thought out of all the Bad Girls, she was the closest to me. She lives in New York, and I live in L.A. If anything, I hang out with Kristen more because she lives right here in town. A lot of girls think one thing, but it wasn’t the way she thought it was. And when the pictures came out from the blog sites, she started claiming that it was fake, and was mad I had Kristen as a bridesmaid and not her.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully everybody loves us, and we can continue working with WeTV. Jacob and I are working at that, and we can continue working.
June 10th is the premiere, and we’re working hard to make sure that every bride is a good bride.

Maybe we should be calling her Mrs. Run LA now, will you be tuning in? Bridezillas premieres June 10th at 10/9c!



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