Bossip Exclusive: DJ Jazzy Jeff Talks New “Summertime 3” Mixtape With Mick Boogie And Getting Back In The Studio With Will Smith!

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It’s that time again… DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie just dropped another hot one for the season “Summertime 3”!

To mark the milestone of two million members, is announcing the world premiere of the highly anticipated “Summertime 3” mix tape by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie- with a new intro by Will Smith.

Barbecues, summer road trips, beaches, a jog in July- if its done in warm weather, ‘Summertime 3’ is the playlist you need. This beat will be dropping Monday June 11th at 8am PST.

We love the first two mixes so we were excited to chop it up with Jeff about the latest installment. Peep the interview below:

BOSSIP: You and Mick have a great dynamic, how did you guys end up making this Summertime Mixtape series?

DJ Jazzy Jeff: He came to me with the idea two years ago, that we should do a mixtape for the summer that was basically songs that reminded you of the summer and brought back any kind of summer feeling. So we sat down and put it together and had a really great response. It turned out to be one of those things that whenever the weather started to break, and it started to get warm we started to get requests and people saying they pulled it out again and started playing it again and people asking for another one. So we did the one last year and we’re doing another one this year.

How many do you think they’re will be?

As long as people are enjoying it, we’ll just see what happens. It was a great idea and I kinda thought we were going to just do the one and it’s become an annual thing every summer.

How tough is it to keep coming up with the Summer songs?

The first one is easy because you can list all the obvious songs and just pick from them. It might have been about 70-80 songs I came up with for the first one so the ones I don’t use I just put to the side for the next one. We try not to use too many extremely new songs. It’s more of a nostalgic thing. I’m curious to see when it’s going to get to the point where we say ‘Okay i’m running out of songs.’

Can you give us any hints about what we’ll hear?

My wife is actually giving me a lot of really cool songs for the first two so this one I started asking people and it’s really interesting to see what people come up with. It’s a little bit of everything on this one. It’s really fun for Mick and I because we don’t do our parts together. I’ll do the first part and then he’ll do the second part and then I’ll do the third part and he does the last one. It’s always interesting because he’ll come up with songs and I’ll be like ‘Aw I wish I would’ve thought of that.’ It’s a lot of fun.

You guys don’t ever end up bumping heads and picking the same stuff?

Of course we’ll think of some of the same songs but there’s so many songs. Before I start I may have 120 songs to choose from and then I’ll narrow it down. You always want to play some songs people know and make that left turn where folks are like ‘Wow I never expected him to play that.’ I played it for a friend of mine who is about 26 and there were a lot of songs he knew but there were some he didn’t and he played it for his mom and all the songs he didn’t know his mom was like ‘Oh my God this was my favorite song.” So for it to be something that covers generations is great.

When you put these together, how much does it make you reflect on the making of the original “Summertime”?

That was on the first one. We’ve probably put a version of me and Will’s “Summertime” on every one. Even if I have to do a special remix. It’s one of the staples. The first mixtape it’s obvious you’re gonna have that on there. It’s obvious you’re gonna have Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” on there. So when you start getting to the third and fourth ones you gotta start digging a little deeper for summertime songs because you’ve already used up all the extremely popular ones.

Does it make you reminisce?

That’s where the idea came from. It’s absolutely incredible to be part of a song that’s lasted 20 years and every time the season changes people play it and people love it. It’s pretty much passed on to a new generation who plays it and loves it. Just the way it makes people feel that first 70 degree day, especially on the East Coast after a hard winter. It’s like — it’s coming — time to break out the shorts and hit the basketball court. That was the motivation Mick had for doing this. Not only do it for one song, have a special mix people can dig back up every summer. This being the third one, you’ve got volumes now!

We follow you on Instagram so we notice you’re traveling all over the place, can you let everyone else know what you’ve been up to and where they can catch you?

I just got back from about 6 weeks in the Middle East and the UK so I’m just enjoying a rare three weeks off. I’m starting doing some of the Jill Scott tour dates and I have a residency in Las Vegas so next week I’m doing Jill’s dates in Chicago and Detroit and then I’m in Vegas Saturday and the following Friday, then a Jill Scott tour date in Philly two Saturdays from now. I’m keeping busy, I try not to burn myself out.

Any chance of collaborating with Will in the near future or his kids since they’re doing music?

We’ve been talking about it. Will pretty much being one of the biggest movie stars in the world, a lot of it is timing. He actually did the intro for “Summertime 3” so I think hopefully this will spark something.

You can download the “Summertime 3” Mixtape by DJ Jazzy Jeff And Mick Boogie HERE

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