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Celebrity Parents That Hit Their Kids

The honorable C. Dolla$ got arrested for allegedly choking his daughter over the weekend. But that wasn’t the only instance. Here are some other celebs that got in trouble for laying hands on their kids.

Teddy Riley – He got in trouble for allegedly hitting his daughter with musical instruments.

Ric Flair – He got into a fist fight with his daughter’s boyfriend and she got in the scuffle too! C’mon Slick Rick. Chill.

Nicolas Cage – He got into a fight with his wife, but accidentally knocked over his son! Welp, that’s child abuse.

Britney Spears – Her old housekeeper said she beat her poor kids.

Kate Gosselin – She got in trouble for just spanking a kid while cameras were rolling on the Today Show. Chill, people.

Hector Camacho – He was arrested for beating his wife and kid.

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James Lackey – Usher’s little bro got in trouble for child abuse, too. Ursh was none too pleased.

John Travolta – He and his wife were charged with child abuse. But John’s got bigger, er, issues to deal with.


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