A-Rod Double Dipping In The Gravy

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is a picture of A-Rod leaving his baby mom’s house on the way back to hit his bust-it-baby, Madonna:

Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez pulled double-duty in Miami Thursday, visiting his soon-to-be ex-wife and kids for Thanksgiving dinner and then rushing to be with gal pal Madonna at her house nearby. Rodriguez began his day with brunch with Madge’s manager, Guy Oseary, before moving on to wife Cynthia’s house, where he spent some quality daddy time with daughters, Natasha, 4, and 7-month-old Ella. The third baseman hopped into his black Porsche around 4p.m. and sped off to Star Island – where Madonna has a home. Sources say he is staying there while he’s in town, and witnesses saw his car parked there overnight.

A-Rod, God does not like ugly and this is seriously starting to look more ugly than a Soap Opera. The sad part is that as soon as Madonna has had enough of him knocking her thang out of the park, another family will be destroyed. Oh well.


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  • Tealeaf

    A-Rod is cute, he looks better then Derek freakin Jeter

  • lol

    Hope your a underdog on here, and joey is just lucky hannibal aint on this morning..i seen you won one Hope…nice..

  • Starae

    Men are dawgs and Black men are even worse. He’ll get his.

  • Wanda

    He use to be cute not too long ago what the hell happened to him?

  • Rayna

    Well good for A-Rod if he enjoys doing an old washed up hoe bag of bones.


    A-Rat and Maneater deserve each other. She is nothing but a over the hill skank and he is nothing but a dog in heat!

  • Jeloi

    A-Rod and his wife are divorcing, so he has moved on. Noone expects him to sit around and look. I would rather he move on than play games between his wife and Madonna. And his wife doesn’t care she is getting paid!

  • T.

    “There are mad beautiful latina chicks in NYC and this fool never gets w/one of us. He acts like we ain’t good enough for his monkey ass.”

    I’m sayin’ Ma… Of all of the women to leave your wife for. You leave her for Madonna!!! It must be so “voo-doo that you-doo” s@#t going on with Madonna. If I was “dumbo”, with all of the hot latin mommies in NYC, I’d have a “Harem in Harlem”….. ;-))

  • Oshie - Just call me Becky!

    So… the lesson we can take away from this is deep down all men have a dirty grandma fetish. Is that right? Well right or wrong, that’s what I’m getting out of it.

  • Leon

    Eighty percent of the people in Dominican Republic are mixed race, White-Black mix, with smaller Tainos Indian presence. Mulatto is not a dirty word in the Dominican Republic and most people embrace it. People like to represent both their sides and there is nothing wrong with that. Mixed race people are beautiful and appear to take the best of both worlds. So yeah, A-Rod is mixed race.

  • Leon

    I forgot to add that he can date whomever he wants, it’s nobody’s business what he does.

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