Homeless Miami Zombie Attack Victim Ronald Poppo Is Up Walking, Talking And Cheering On The Heat [Graphic Photo Inside]

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Wow… He lived through that??? Ronald Poppo, the man who was viciously attacked in Miami Memorial weekend is doing much better according to his doctors.

Miami Zombie Attack Victim Up Walking And Talking In Hospital

But it turns out that in addition to having to survive 50% of his face being chewed away, he also had to recover from a gunshot wound:

As if things couldn’t have been worse for the vagrant whose face was chewed off by the horrifying “Miami Zombie,” doctors revealed Tuesday that cops accidentally shot him as they tried to save him.

Ronald Poppo, 65, had two holes in his left chest when he was brought bleeding to Jackson Memorial Hospital, doctors said. They were apparently entry and exit wounds.

Maniac Rudy Eugene, who was not armed, was on top of Poppo when police opened fire to stop the gruesome attack. A stray bullet hit the victim, too.

Poppo is recovering surprisingly well, eating, walking and even cheering on his basketball team, doctors said, calling him “charming.”

They released two graphic photos of Poppo, showing him in a hospital gown walking down a hallway with help.

His nose and right eye is gone, his left eye is covered in a bandage and his forehead and cheeks are a mass of bloody wounds. The bottom half of his face, from his salt and pepper mustache on down, appears okay.

“He’s coping remarkably well,” trauma surgeon Nicholas Namias told reporters.

“We have mental health professionals to help him.”

Doctors said he remembers the horrifying attack but has displayed a surprisingly upbeat attitude.

Asked if he had a message before the news conference, doctors said Poppo replied: “Go Heat!”

The Miami Heat play Oklahoma City Tuesday night in the NBA finals.

Poppo, who was blinded in the attack, has undergone three surgeries so far – including skin grafts – and will need more.

“First he needs to recover from the three surgeries he’s already had,” said plastic surgeon Wrood Kassira.

He will remain hospitalized for “weeks at least,” Kassira added.

The hospital has started a fund to collect donations for the destitute vagrant’s care. So far they’ve raised $15,000.

Doctors said they won’t know whether Poppo can be a candidate for a face transplant – an experimental new procedure being funded by the Defense Department – until his wounds heal.

The bizarre attack on Poppo, a harmless homeless alcoholic who started life at Manhattan’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School, captured the sympathy of the world.

He was reclining under a shady overpass on Memorial Day weekend when a deranged naked wastrel named Rudy Eugene fell upon him unprovoked, beat him and chewed off more than 50% of his face.

Eugene, 31, had shed all his clothes and ripped out pages from the Bible he always carried he walked along the McArthur Causeway joining the city to Miami Beach, CBS reported.

Eugene was shot and killed by police when he refused to stop attacking Poppo.

An autopsy found no parts of Poppo’s face in Eugene’s stomach – contradicting accounts by appalled witnesses that the attacker was swallowing the pieces of flesh he ripped away with his teeth.

The autopsy did not find an explanation for Eugene’s unusual behavior, though more tests are still pending.

Poppo’s family in the New York area had long believed him dead. So far, Poppo has not had any visitors, doctors said.

That’s really sad that his family hasn’t come to visit him. We think the Miami Heat should head over to the hospital as soon as they have a chance, especially if they win this championship.

Well, if curiosity has the best of you, you can check out the photo of what Poppo looks like now on the flip.

Source Jackson Memorial Hospital

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