Michelle Williams Can Finally Just Do Her

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Michelle reveals the details about who she is and DC’s breakup to Corduroy Magazine:

“There is that glamour side to me,” she says, “but then there is that girl who just wants to chill out at a cafe in Brooklyn or be in Chicago by the lake, without a sequined dress and heels on.” Asked about her perfect night out, Williams says she prefers staying in with friends, catching up over drinks and her specialty: homemade mac and cheese.

Williams also speaks out at length about her new solo venture and the breakup of Destiny’s Child: “Now I can finally just do me,” Williams says; “no more pleasing other people, no more compromising what I want. As a group, we all had to agree. But now, it’s just me.”

“My goal isn’t to sell-out stadiums or be on the cover of magazines anymore,” she says. “My dream path is just to get that loyal fan base. I don’t care if it’s a hundred million or a hundred thousand. I’d rather play an underground club where people all know your songs than perform for audiences who have no idea who you are.”

It looks like Michelle was clueless as to what she was getting into when she joined Destiny’s Child, but it definitely didn’t do anything to hurt her popularity.

Would ya’ll think we are crazy for grabbing tickets to her show when she’s in town?

More shots of Michelle “letting her hair down” below.

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  • Ermy Erm (Chitown Til It Go DOWN!)


  • Taylor

    Think Michelle is confirming what some of us already knew.


    she lookin good in these pictures,REAL GOOD! DAMN!

  • 2damnfunny

    She wouldn’t be saying all of that if her wig didn’t get pushed back. When she joined DC, she ran her mouth with the other girls about the original members and that Farrah chick in Vibe magazine saying ‘you’re getting a paycheck and your complaining’….whateva man.

  • Tealeaf

    I like Michelle shirt..

  • Chain of Fools

    Well…go do you then ghyrl. Being solo is just the ticket you need to be true to yourself. No more time spent being a prop to boost someone elses career. She’s more real than Kelly, who still doesn’t have a clue.

  • DaddyO

    Michelle Williams better do a steak sandwich with extra mayonaise. Everything on her seems to be getting smaller except her teeth.

  • beloved

    i like Michelle,and i would definitely buy tickets to see her perform,i just hope she gets a new management team

  • DeDe

    lol @ DaddyO

  • DC_1

    @ 2damnfunny…I was thinking the same thing about that interview in Vibe 00 or 01 issue. Michelle is a backup singer and always will be. You could give me free tickets to see her.

  • http://yahoo.com keviin

    Michelle you came out to be a christian that is something you never suppose to compromise, be a role model and stand up for what you really believe in there are already far too many of our sisters and brothers selling out for the almighty dollar, If you really believe in god then you believe he will take care of you. I know that in this society sex sells but that ain’t what a good chritian girl suppose to be promoting. That lap dance on someone else’s husband I think went a little to far it’s hard enough for men to be faithful than to be sitting in married men’s lap and trying to justify it.

  • http://yahoo.com keviin

    I meant christian girl my bad

  • LA

    about as much personality as a piece of lent

  • MACK

    She cannot sing!!!! YIKES!!!! Much success to ya girly!!!!

  • Aries Chica

    I think she is saying she is tired of the wack fake ass chemistry of DC and it was all fake and she wants to do her with no boundaries.

    As far as the BET thing that is the point she compromised too much..I say DO HER

  • Skylar

    Michelle needs to eat something!

  • http://bossip vee

    love her and hate beyounce

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