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Wedding Details From World’s Fattest Bride

Remember Susanne Eman?? With the 107 inch waistline??? Who was marrying the chef??

Scale-busting 800-lb. mom tying the knot…with (shocker!) a chef! Behemoth bride-to-be SUSANNE EMAN gives new meaning to the term “big day!” While most women strive to slim down for their wedding, 800-pound Susanne wants to keep piling on weight as she prepares to walk down the aisle – with a chef! In fact, she hopes to eventually double her bulk in her quest to become the fattest woman ever. And her fiance, PARKER CLACK, doesn’t mind. “It’s a match made in heaven” gushes Susanne, a mom of two boys. “I love eating and Parker loves cooking. He loves larger women.”

Susanne, 33, gorges on about 30,000 calories a day in her pursuit to break the 1,200-pound mark set by the late ROSALIE BRADFORD. AND she doesn’t plan to stop there, setting an ultimate goal of 1,600 scale-crushing pounds. Meanwhile, she says that she exercises every day to keep her muscles in shape and is vigilant about checking her blood pressure. “She’s taken up swimming since we met,” adds skinny Parker, who admits being concerned about his fiancee’s health. “We love to swim together.” Parker, 38, has moved into Susanne’s Casa Grande, Ariz., home as they prepare for the big event.

And seamstress Judy Goff has created a gargantuan gown, using 45 feet of fabric to fit around Susanne’s 107-inch waist. The bride had just a couple of stipulations, that the gown be sleeveless for the summer wedding and off-white. “If I wear completely white,” she says, “I guarantee you I’m going to spill something on it.”

Gross. Hopefully she doesn’t die first.




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