Will They Or Won’t They: A Play-By-Play Of Rihanna And Chris Brown’s Back And Forth Post-Breakup Affair

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Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Rocky Post-Breakup

It’s been almost three years since Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna on the way to the Grammys. Since then, they’ve been a topsy turvy mess of break-ups and secret meetings. It’s really getting old.

Let’s try to get all this drama sorted out, though. As they enter another period of secret rendezvous, lets take a look at all the ups and downs they’ve gone through over the last three years.

The Diddy Reunion – Shortly after the two had their split, Diddy set them up with a secret meeting at one of his beach houses so they could hash things out and have a farewell chop.

The Subliminal Tweets – Throughout the whole three year period, they’ve had intermittent moments of sending each other subliminal tweets about how they still love the other. Smh. EVERYONE CAN READ THEM, IDIOTS!

Club Outings – Recently they were seen attending the same clubs and even though they didn’t interact, rumor has it the meetings weren’t exactly coincidental.

The Songs – Then they decided to record two songs together in what was nothing short of epic trolling for the world to get upset over.

Karrueche Tattoo – Just when it seemed like Breezy would go back to Rih Rih, he decided to get a tattoo of his other boo, Karrueche. Ouch.

Rihanna vs. Karrueche – Their feud indicates that Rihanna has some feelings for Breezy. She put this on Twitter and Karr put up some insulting vids. Rrraoorrr.

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    The Diss Song – Last month Breezy dropped a song that basically called his ex a ho fo sho that every man has had a shot at.

    We Thought It Was Over… – After Breezy sent his diss, we figured Rihanna was done. She unfollowed him on Twitter and seemed to be over it. Leading to a few outings with Drizzy and Meek Mill that got under Breezy’s skin.

    Buuuut – It appears that it was all a ruse. Rumors and sources have them getting cozy with family and all that under the radar. SMH at these two. Meanwhile…

    The cheese stands alone. Poor Karrueche. We’ll comfort you.

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