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Gatecrasher from NY Daily News is reporting that Mya could possibly be landing a role in Broadway’s “Chicago”. Oh yeah, I do vaguely remember Mya having a part in the movie Chicago, so this is definitely a good look if he is correct. She and her dancing and bedazzled-on pocket/belt look would fit right into the Broadway world.

Obviously that f*ckin for tracks deal played out because it’s apparent that “Liberation” album won’t see the light of day.

Mya performed at the SKOOLD Ali Forney Center and Reciprocity foundation Benefit last night:

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  • Leah

    Poor child, atleast she will be getting a paycheck!

  • Leah

    oh yeah, I was 1st!. Sorry I just had to say that.

  • The Real Essence 1

    Good for Mya! Broadway is a greal look for someone with her dancing talents. I can’t hate on the girl cuz she can dance, dance dance!

    Lol at that dress! WTF was Mya thinking w/ that fake belt & pocket dress/ It looks like the pattern you get when you 1st learn how to sew.

    Her dress looks un-finished but she’s in shape so she pulled it off {well sort of} I hate side swept hair like that…she’s giving a ‘Lola Folona’ moment!

  • Shasta

    I hope that she do make it to Broadway, maybe then we won’t have to look at her IRREVELANT Ars trying to cop a pose all the time. She needs a JOB, cause she ain’t a model..

  • The Real Essence 1

    Wow Mya’s post been up all dang day yet she only received 4 posts!!!

    That tells ya something Mya.


  • 504 in her light black bday suit

    that’s not a good “outfit” …looks like the first outfit i made for my barbie doll

  • MamaNay

    Mya got a funny ass shape, she know she got some thick legs and ankles!

  • camcam781


  • Ttime

    She bought that dress from Family Dollar.

  • Ttime

    I finally got my image to show.

    For all of the people who still have the Gravatar image, you must go back and link your image to your email address–I just figured that out. It is not enough to just upload the picture.

  • 33


  • Chocolate FIYAH!

    When is her album coming out???

  • Insatiable_qt

    Mya is so played out….*YAWN*

  • anona

    I thought she was Amy Winehouse on a good day in that first pic.

  • TopThat!

    The white in her is really coming out cuz she starting to age quickly just like them. ewww

  • jojo

    its so funny to see all the women post. lol!! cat claws come out when mya’s name is mentioned. yeah! she has thick legs but thats the way most men like females. meat on a woman bones is a good thing!!! ladys get some self esteem!!! and stop hatin!!

  • NikStA

    I know MYa is a Libra and all any maybe das why she be trippin when it comes to style. Libras always tryna look unique and stylish set apart from the rest for example Gwen Stefani, but damn its not really workin for her. Shes prob tryna look more edgey and “different” so she wont be associated w/ beyonce. I think this is da same thing Rihanna tried to do with that Posh spice wanna be hairstyle. U know, the bob. Red bone celebs do not wanna be compared to beyonce. Beyonce is not even all dat. shes fat. genetically she has the potential to be fat thats why she always gotta work out. But MYA needs to stop tryna go off and invent her own style and wear whats fashionable and cute. work on dem naps too. they lookin wild. but homegirl gotta tight body I cant deny. so please utilize it in the right way. I miss seein dat ass lookin fine as hell. this is what fine bithces can do to a str8 woman… leavin us curious…

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