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This is just sad SMH

Michael Green lost his hands in a house fire when he was 15 months-old and feels discriminated against because officials at Six Flags Over Flags Texas would not let him ride a roller coaster, according to reports:

Michael Green said waited in line for an hour Friday only to be told he could not ride the Texas Giant. “I’m very furious, sir,” he said. “This is the first time this has ever happened to me.” Green, who lost his hands when his home caught fire when he was 15 months old, said he has learned to live without them.

“[I can do] everything except tie my shoes. I can cook. I can drive. I can clean. I can go to school. I can write with my hand. I can type on the computer about 35, 40 words per minute,” he said.

After park staff at the Texas Giant would not allow him on the roller coaster, Green went to guest relations, where he was told that he couldn’t ride anything.

“I always get stared at a lot, but I never get discriminated — people telling me that I can’t do something when they don’t even know what I can do,” he said.

Green said he tried to explain to park employees that he had been to Six Flags Over Texas dozens of times as a child and had rode everything. He also said he told staff that he even climbs walls and zip-lines at camp.

“I just tried to make my case and explain what the situation was, and they wouldn’t have it at all,” he said.

A Six Flags Over Texas spokesperson declined speak with NBC 5 on camera. Instead, the representative said in a statement:

“Our disability policies include ride manufacturers’ guidelines and the requirements of the federal American Disabilities Act. Our policies are customized by ride and developed for the safety and well-being of our guests. Our policies and procedures are reviewed and adjusted from time to time to ensure we continue to accommodate the needs of our guests while simultaneously maintaining a safe environment. “

This poor man just wanted to do it with no hands on the roller coaster and he got DENIED! While Green’s feelings are certainly understandable, does the park also have a valid argument?




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