The Blob and Falsetto

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The chair is the biggest loser in this video. If you have noticed a trend with these humongous white women, you are slowly catching on. SMH, pure buffalo-oonery.

Shout out to Tabria.

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  • Tracey


  • Tracey

    I dare someone to click on the link and watch…I am not!

  • LoveHaters

    Nasty… That pic is just gross.

  • Child Boo

    Look now….stop trying to ruin my day

  • Rozza♥ - My Dog's Name Ain't Baby, It's Hannibal (Mr. Nibbles If You're Nasty!)

    Tracey – I will never take you up on another dare again…the chair has wheels and she is doing a rolling stripper chair dance, but it looks like her butt ate the seat portion of the chair. Remember marshmallow Fluff? Picture it in black lingerie (or put a marshmallow Peep in the microwave).

  • Shy

    Nasty…why embarrass yourself like this? I really don’t understand some people.

  • Am me! So who you?

    All I want to knw is what’s the name of this song?????

  • rainbowrabbit

    Why did you guys post some mess like this?

  • lol

    am me…the name of that song is called..”falsetto” by the dream, and we all know she was dreaming about thanksgiving when this video was made..probably singing to a turkey…lmao

  • lol

    lol@ elephant trying to ride a donkey..roflmao

  • Tracey

    @ Rozza lololol enough enough enough!

  • fakeyonce hater

    too much confidence for such a poor body. damm that was nasty


    @Film–>>> come on man,why you wanna leave me hangin LOL

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    Oh my God…no she didn’t…homegirl looks like the Michelin man with her stomach all doubled up and bubbled up like that.

  • tooty

    The really scary/nasty part is that some man is probably out there tappen that!!

  • lilianasanchez86

    LMAOOOOOOOO. oh no she didnt. what was she thinkin when she did this? she is probably very confident about herself and thats a good thing.. lol

  • Billy Blog Thorton

    I feel bad for the chair.


  • nappyheadedho

    Somebody need to beat her a$$ for that mess. If I was The Dream, I would make her take that down immediately. She obviously is out of work because I don’t see how she could expect to keep her job with that ish on the internet.


    I couldn’t even watch all of this. My stomach started turning after about 5 seconds. Digusting.

  • Film


    I’m 6’3, and I weigh 202. She’d definitely crush me. You went out on a limb, and you’re still hanging by yourself. LOLOL.

  • Film


    What’s going on?



    I think she’d crush anybody she got on top of, but why would anybody want that on top of them?


    @Film–>>> LOL thats serious.

    i’m runnin for the hills and i’m not comin back to this thread LOL

  • Film


    I have no clue. But some men just prefer bigger women. To each his own. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?

  • Film


    Where are you from, man?

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