Beyonce’s 9-5 Swag

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Look at your favorite girlfriend, Bey, at the “Cadillac Records” press conference rockin’ a fly business suit. If she was never in music and came to an interview looking like that, let’s just say we’d skip the bullsh*t and just present the offer letter.

More pics of Beyonce below.

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  • LoveHaters

    Fresh Face

  • Tracey

    It is not a flattering suit at all, she is just lucky to be in fine damn shape.

  • Tracey

    She looks South African lol

  • Christmas Jones

    She should have her hair down in loose waves, that would be pretty and she would be well on her way to looking like the Latina she always wanted to be 😉

  • mimi's chick

    The slacks don’t have a relaxed look at all. The collar on that shirt is not complimenting the suit. Just not a good look.

  • jas


  • Tracey

    Nah she doesnt look latino at all, she looks South African here, she looks like she is saying,

    “Mr Mbeki I will eradicate child poverty in Johannesburg!”

  • Tracey

    Jas is what is what the caplocks you jackass!

  • lorddizo

    lol @ mimi’s chick “The slacks don’t have a relaxed look at all. The collar on that shirt is not complimenting the suit. Just not a good look.”

    Are you mad or high on something? Don’t playa hate, instead congratulate. She looks fine, hopefully 1 day all you hood chicks will be inspired by Mrs. Barack and start wearing suites.

  • Rawr

    i like the look

    do your thing, Be =)

  • Christmas Jones

    HOw does she look South African…? You mean she looks “colored”, that segment of light skinned folks in SA? Okay, I guess…But she said she always wanted to be Latina, remember?*coughselloutcough* She looks like it here! *WINK!*

  • Erik W

    She could wearing a potato sack and STILL be fly. Yall chicks need to stop hating.

  • shar

    @ lorddizo

    “She looks fine, hopefully 1 day all you hood chicks will be inspired by Mrs. Barack and start wearing suites”.

    What kind of “SUITES”: office suites?

    3-piece suites?

    deluxe suites?

    Haha 😉

  • pm

    she looks good,certain ladies can’t wear those kinda pants if your belly is your pelvis

  • shar

    I reckon off stage she is going to be rocking more clothes like this, and keep the glitz for the stage etc -which I will miss (the glitzy clothes). She’ll probably get some UN Ambassadorship or something soon too.

    She is pretty, but I wish she had a fabulous hair-do to liven it up a bit.

  • LoveHaters

    Why do people insists that people are hating just because they don’t think she is pretty. I think she is pretty their are plenty of girls who are prettier than Beyonce. It is just a matter of opinion.

  • yoyo

    she looks flawless as usual.

  • beloved

    i dont like the suit,it just looks uggh ion know,just not feeling it

  • Tracey

    Dude, I am not hating anyone, Beyonce is the finest artist on this planet, she naturally looks good and the minimum make up she wears proves she is a natural beauty!

    I am just being honest, the brownsuit look on her doesnt work. Well I am sure my Husband would trade me in for how she looks now for B, but for me she doesnt look too hot here.

    Beyonce isnt overratted, she is just a very hard worker, and I wouldnt argue over her for too long anyway. I wouldnt slate someone doing miles better than me or waste time pitying someone whose life is good…..why?

  • mimi's chick

    @ lorddizo, calm down… I’m a huge fan of Beyonce! Again, the shirt and the pants don’t look good with that suit. Slacks are supposed to be relaxed fitting.(take a look @ the buttons and the crotch area.. nope) If you know ANYTHING about wearing a suit, Mrs.Obama ALWAYS has a nice tailored pant cut with or without a suit if and when she’s wearing slacks. Take a look and do some homework regarding this subject. It’s an honest opinion. That’s my story…and I’m sticking to it! Speaking of hood…. the term playa hate is so tired! How old are you?

  • Raquel26

    LOL@ lorddzo….

    Now you know those hoodrats have no class!! Look at how they go to the prom! Suits are whats up for me. Aside from my job dress code having to be business casual, I like wearing suits period. They make me feel classy and put together. Basically, enhances on what I already am on the inside.

    Stop wearing that ghetto street-wear and upgrade!

  • Raquel26

    Also, I didnt know that having an opinion labels you a hater.


  • 6 Figgaz

    So fresh and so clean…

  • fakeyonce hater

    overated, fakeyonce pull that horse tail out…. go make some camels you have enough money unless you dont want to be forgotten… hurry b4 camel does a brad pitt on your ass

  • mimi's chick

    @ Raquel, I concur! I LOVE WELL TAILORED SUITS!! However, those slacks on Beyonce are not complimenting the suit.

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