Ho Sit Down: Swedish Activist Group Wants To Make It Mandatory For Men To Sit Down In Stalls When They Make It Rain In The Restroom

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Restroom Habits Of Men In Sweden Under Fire

A group of councilmen in Sweden are trying to lay some Swedish smackdown and play pee-pee patrol in men’s restroooms.

Male representatives on the Sormland County Council in Sweden should sit rather than stand while urinating in office restrooms, according to a motion advanced by the local Left Party.

Known as a socialist and feminist organization, the party claims that seated urination is more hygienic for men — the practice decreases the likelihood of puddles and other unwanted residue forming in the stall — in addition to being better for a man’s health by more effectively emptying one’s bladder, The Local reported.

But not everyone agrees.

“Men scatter urine not so much during the actual urination as during the ‘shaking off’ that follows,” John Gamel, a professor at the University of Louisville, wrote while addressing the issue in 2009. “As a result, forcing men to sit while emptying their bladders will serve little purpose, since no man wants to shake himself off while remaining seated on the toilet.”

A representative from the party said he hopes to move toward sitting only bathrooms.


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