Hard Out Here For A Simp: R&B Stars Have Been Failing Lately…Take A Look At The FAILS

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A Recent History Of R&B Star Fails

R&B singers are supposed to have the world in their hands. They can sings. They’re usually attractive. And they know how to love. It’s been a rough few months for R&B singers. But things have been rough recently. Drug use. Taxes. Beat downs. There’s been a ton of fail to go around. It’s sad to see.

Take a look at these crooner fails.

Brian McKnight – Showing us how vajayjays work? Really? These are our heroes.

#JaheimSuit – That’s it.

Chris Brown – Catching fade from the softest rapper in the game? Whammy.

R. Kelly – He owes the government damn near five million.

Erykah Badu – She’s upset that someone threw a video of her and her sister in the buff in tubs of jizzy stuff and blood. The video and controversy is a big L.

Lauryn Hill – She just went ahead and stopped paying taxes!

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    Ray J – He got smacked up at the club with Fabolous and went on a tear afterwards. We all just laughed.

    Mary J Blige – The chicken commercial almost ruined her career. Glad she decided to chill.

    Tyrese – He’s had restraining order placed on him and he butchers the English language every time he tweets.

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