Beyonce: Professional Swag Hacker

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Peep Beyonce’s GQ spread for a little morning inspiration.

And speaking of inspiration, it’s apparent that Mrs. Orginality Sasha Fierce has several sources of her own. Someone needs to let ole girl know that having a little imagination never hurt nobody. SMH.

Recycled Concepts:


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  • Re

    Wow…I had no idea…

  • Bozo D. Clown


  • Steph

    Beyonce needs to just give it up. Her songs are tired and she is just stealing Rhianna’s swag.

  • Re


    🙂 Long time no speak…how are you?

    Beyonce is a good looking swagger-jacker…I’ll give her that much…

  • Sucker Free

    wow…B is BUSTED!

    but she did it better than everybody she jacked, so she gets a pass from me.

  • $moK.E.Y.

    I think the Bible said it best “Be still and it shall come to thee”….right?

    Just give yourself some time to come up with true orginality (music, attire, photo shoots, make-up, etc) and not rely on previous prototypes

  • JJ

    Nothing wrong wit the girl be doing what she do.

  • georgie

    About time ya’ll start to realize that Beyonce aint orignal and put her ass on blast for stealing styles and for putting out a wack ass album… beyonce is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • MoniChris

    Would this not be the job of whoever does the photoshoot? The magazine editor? Whatever Beyonce is, she is about 80Million dollars richer than you!

  • jojojo

    God, yall some haters. I aint jeffin for Bee, but this site is starting to really suck.

  • MsGreeneMBA

    Other artists do swagger bite, but this bytch straight jacks it. She seriously doesn’t know how to be original.

    And I don’t want to hear the bullshyt about her team being responsible for her image, because at the end of the day, she makes the final decisions.

  • Football1

    Come on yall, Beyonce has become that chick everyone loves to hate. You can’t deny her. And these pics are just generic pics, I mean you can find the same pics of every celeb female, maybe they should stop recycling photographers. So stop hating for no reason, cause lover her or hate her you are talking about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • misswatson

    WOW….and since when did the people that reply to a blog become the ultimate judge? LMAO, as I am sure Beyonce does all the way to the bank. Hate it or love it, the girl can outsing and outdance Rihanna ANY day and she is the ultimate performer. She leads the pack for females in her category today, point blank period. Ever stop to think that Rihanna’s “Prince” look is given to her by a stylist as well..probably because when she first came out, they had her trying to look like who….Beyonce!



  • DimePiece

    Come on, find something else to talk about…how can a website be so full of haterage?

  • A Make It Rayn

    Good Morning all. I don’t get it. People act like Beyonce is her own stylist, make up artist, conceptual designer, creative director, and personal shopper. She can’t rock a trench coat because someone else did? I imagine that she has little control of her packaging when she goes on photoshoots and such. So I’d guess her handlers are unoriginal, but she’s probably not a swagger jacker.

  • Nina Knows

    Why is it whenever someone disagrees with something Beyonce does……. Her stans have to remind you how much money she has. Apparently some things cant be bought, like personality and originality.

    Nobody has to be reminded of how much money she makes, we all know she’s rich, but that still doesnt stop anyone from having a opinion. Alot of poeple have money, not just celebrites.. get a clue.

  • leeshbeesh

    dam yall late! this was all over the forums this weekend! lol

    yea yea shes a jacker but she still bomb though lol

  • Just me

    OK..I don’t like beyonce that much. But come on. She takes alot of pictures. Her music isn’t orginal but I remember something like this a couple of years ago and ppl where doing the same thing to Mariah. I go to the damn club and I hear single ladies, I can’t help but dancce to it but that’s b.c my ass was so damn drunk.

  • Just me


  • Ashleigh

    A swagger jacker jacking from another swagger jacker *cough Rihanna *cough* *cough*




  • Re

    Why do people have these debates over this woman? How can you hate on someone so talented? I could see if she presented herself as snobby, or rude to her fans, dressed terribly (which she only does during her concerts, lol), or couldn’t sing…

    But the truth is, she is blessed with beautiful pipes…truly a beautiful voice.

    She doesn’t need to be Erikah Badu, or Laureyn Hill…I would go crazy if I couldn’t hear music other than neo-soul. Sometimes I wanna do a little jiggle dance, and I can’t get my dance on to Erykah…we need a variety, that’s what makes music fun. Different songs/genre’s for different moods…

    But anyway, there’s no sense in hating her unless jealousy was involved. If you like neo-soul only, than go to the store and purchase those albums, and support your favorite artists.


    Did you beat someone up for Thanksgiving? Is that why you’re bugging out? I told to stop doing that…




    I love that commercial with Beyonce upgrading your TV…

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