ChitChatter: Kimmy Cakes Says She’s “Totally Growing Up” After Divorce And Loves Dating Yeezy Cuz He Is An “Older Man”

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But wait, isn’t this divorce #2? And wasn’t her first husband an “older man”?

Kim Kardashian Tells Oprah She Loves That Kanye West Is Older Than Her

We thought Kim said she didn’t want to talk about Kanye, but maybe she just meant she didn’t want to talk to anyone but Oprah about Kanye. Apparently that must be the case because Kim has lots to say about how Kanye makes perfect sense for her older and wiser post-Humphries perspective on life:

Oprah Winfrey asks the reality starlet all the tough questions about her controversial love life in Sunday’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter” episode featuring the Kardashian family.

After 72 days of marriage, Kardashian, 31, filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, 27, on October 31, 2011 after an over-the-top televised wedding. In March, Kardashian began dating rapper Kanye West, 35, and she tells Winfrey their age difference is a very good thing.

“Before, all my boyfriends were younger. I always dated 5 years younger,” she explains in a preview of Winfrey’s interview via “Now I just love that I’m with someone that’s a couple years older than me.”

Why does she prefer an older man now? Kardashian says she’s “totally growing up” after her divorce and surrounds herself with friends who are older and wiser. “I feel like I’ve had an epiphany over the past year from what I’ve been through and I am that changed person just from my own experiences.”

Don’t you just love when Kimmy Cakes has epiphanies? They’re like, sooooooo profound. Riiiiiiiight?

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