Hide The Trailer Park Blondes: OJ is Out on Bail!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

OJ will forever keep going to jail and falling for stupid traps made for him by people looking to come-up. Here is a picture of his girlfriend who was with him on his plane ride back to Florida yesterday.

OJ must have needed some more money to buy another girl some implants. She looks like Nicole with some implants, she is one courageous broad. It doesn’t take much for a brotha to pull these type of girls out the trailer park.

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  • Ju Ju


  • ofcoursenot

    I agree Ju Ju. Takes so long to load. What did the sistas do to OJ? He is on a lifetime ban of the Ill na na!

  • ofcoursenot

    Oh Yeah and this woman looks like a low budget CoCo. School em Ice!

  • Leah

    They can have his crazy ass! 1 less crazy brotha a sista has to deal w/.

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    i guess he didn’t learn the first time… hell all white ppl think he killed them.. lol anywho on to a better note FREE JENA 6 FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6FREE JENA 6… i like this topic better oh before i forget FREE JENA 6!!!!!

  • Leah

    Here face does scream trailer park, or atleast country bumkin in the big city!

  • ofcoursenot

    @ Leah

    I agree but come on, a sista was good enough for him at first. His first wife was a sista. But he is nutz. Go get em Trailer!

  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel

    That dress she’s wearing so so tacky..They are meant for eachother…

  • Mike D.

    Nothing wrong with how that woman looks

  • ofcoursenot

    @ Leah

    Let the church say Amen. I know exactly what you talking about. I couldn’t buy a date from a brotha. Oh but when a non-brother gave me props, I am a sellout. I asked him what makes me a sellout and not them, he says, ya’ll fall in love and marry them. We just f**k em. I said, for real? What about OJ, James Earl Jones, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Taye Diggs, Tim Duncan, Shane Battier, Karl Malone, Barry Bonds, Michael Jackson (who cares), Sidney Poitier, Quincy Jones, Gregory Hines(rest in peace), Al Jarreau, Frank Thomas and Montel Williams to name a few. He says, those are isolated incident. I said, “brother please.” Two is an incident, 17 is a epidemic. But the ones we need are still posting up for a sista. I have faith.

  • http://www.viewparkonline.com Angie

    She’s okay, but looks a little cheap and the boobs look super-fake. She’s got a Rhi Rhi forehead.

    I’ve seen him with a lot of skanky looking bimbettes, but I’ve also seen him with some really pretty women. She’s somewhere in between.

  • http://yahoo.com MARIAH

    white people kill me they talk so much hate about blacks, but all i see up in oj s face is ole nasty blonde head white women.

  • http://www.iforgottowearmydarkblackjena6september22.com 504 in her light black bday suit

    let’s retire OJ from black america please

  • ofcoursenot

    I second

  • Shanese

    The only reason people here are dogging her looks is because shes with a black man. There nothing wrong with how she looks and id bet my house that if she was black or OJ was white, looks would’nt even be an issue..

    Insecure black women love to pick apart and drag down how white women that date black men look when half the black woman on the street look like trick daddy in drag.



  • loveyoulongtyme

    If he like it, I love it. I just wish he’d sit his ass down somewhere.

  • http://suchshame.com Bruhmann

    OJ likes cheap, easy, low class white women. That’s his perogative as an adult. To each his own.

  • http://suchshame.com Bruhmann

    Y’all need to remember that OJ ain’t got the money he used to have, so he can no longer afford those real good looking white women.

  • t


    damn girl you hit me hard! LMAO I agree the only difference is when I black woman marries a white man the white man has money and the black woman is educated. If you dont agree then why is it you always see black guys with white girls on the bus or the white girl is driving and the black guy is in the pessenger seat sleep and there are 12 curly head kids in the back of a beat down car with no seat belts on?

  • Marx

    @ Of course not

    I find it funny my whole life sistas have made comments how I was too dark and too West Indian. Now I can’t walk in the mall with a non sista with out you rolling your eyes. There are deeper issues in the world. I could care less who people sleep with. Unless, I’m involved it doesn’t affect me.

  • Nicole

    Here is another stuipd “N” along with Cuba. I want to thank all the two whites chicks for taking them out of the sister way. Thank you

  • esso

    uh-huh, whatever shanese…yawn

    I couldn’t give a crap who’s dating who – that dame looks tore-up. Bottom line.

  • daniel barnes

    black women are a bunch of hypocrites.

  • camcam781

    lol…I blame the white women. WTF do you want wit O.J.? I think its just to get some publicity. I guess its worth dying for.

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