Going Home Alone: 10 Annoying Mistakes Men Make In The Club That Turn Women Off

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Mistakes Men Make At The Club

Men go to the club generally for one thing: to pick up chicks. Yes, sometimes they’ll go to hang out with the guys or get a few drinks. But ultimately their main goal is to meet a lady and get it poppin’. Good luck, fellas.

However, there are a few mistakes that guys make every time they go out that makes women not want to give them the time of day night. We’re here to help. Take notes, guys and hope the ladies come your way.

Mistake 1: Dressing Out Of Character – If you’re not comfortable you won’t come off as confident and comfortable. If you don’t wear skinnies and V-necks on the regular, don’t wear it to the club. You’ll look and feel like a tool.

Mistake 2: Getting Wasted – Go to the club for one of two reasons: either pick up girls or get drunk. You can’t do both. No woman appreciates a sloppy drunk approaching her.

Mistake 3: Making It Rain – Only two people make it rain. Rich guys or men that are douchebags trying to over compensate. You’re not rich. So spending a stack at the bar to impress ladies won’t impress them. And if it does, you’re leaving with a ho.

Mistake 4: Don’t Be Creepy – Don’t linger on a female. She’ll call security.

Mistake 5: Bucking Up – Spoiler alert: fighting in the club only makes you look like a tool. Ladies don’t generally think that’s hot.

Mistake 6: Dance Stars – Do like Hitch says: one-two step. Don’t go to the club pop-locking and dance battling. You’ll look like a bum.

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    Mistake 7: Falling In Love – Regardless of what Usher says, you can’t find love in the club. Just get a number and retreat.

    Mistake 8: Go To The Same Club As Your Ex – This always ends badly. You can’t get your swerve on with the ex in the building.

    Mistake 9: Invite Your Side Chick – Don’t invite your side chick to the club. Because you’ll leave with her. And if you wanted to leave with her you wouldn’t be at the club. So why invite her? See the dilemma?

    Mistake 10: Going Out Every Night – If you overdo it, then everything falls apart. You don’t wanna be that guy that everyone knows as the regular. Take some nights off. Chill. For your sake.

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