Like Father, Like Son: Birdman Flips The Verbal Bird To OKC For Dissing Lil Wayne

- By Bossip Staff

STILL whining?

Birdman Angry Over Lil Wayne’s Trouble With OKC Thunder

Birdman has no love for NBA Finals contenders Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Cash Money main man joined in on Weezy’s whine-fest saying that the team’s management disrespected his megastar mini-me when they didn’t provide the requested accommodations during two playoff games.

“OKC gotta pay for their disrespect that they did with my son — that never would be honored,” he said with a smirk.

Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney would later confirm that Wayne’s people reached out to the team for a front-row ticket, but because it was a last-minute request they weren’t able to accommodate the multiplatinum MC.

Tunechi eventually did catch a Thunder game live in Oklahoma City when he attended Game 1 of the NBA Finals on June 12, but still he was left unhappy. “Again I was treated like sh– by the Thunder arena staff … dam I hope da Heat beat da dog sh– out em,” he tweeted.

Baby, who regularly attends Heat games, makes it clear that his issue isn’t with the people of Oklahoma City or the team’s individual players. “The arena, just the arena because I love the people of OKC — it’s the arena and how they been disrespectful,” he said.

“F— them, I have no respect for them and the way they just disrespected another black man who tryin’ to come to their arena that happens to be my son. It’s Miami Heat all day every day anyway, but that’s just how I feel personally.”

Sounds like the block is lukewarm hot.


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