What The Hell??? Woman Set On Fire By Sick Boyfriend At 7-Eleven Charged Hundreds For Leaving Her Car At The Scene Of Crime

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No country for burn victims.

A woman set on fire at a gas station earlier this month is now being charged hundreds of dollars for not moving her car from the station parking lot:

Florida police say that Naomie Breton, 34, was meeting her ex-boyfriend, Roosevelt Mondesir, outside of a Boynton Beach 7-Eleven when he doused her in gasoline and lit her on fire. A graphic surveillance video shows Breton running through the parking lot, engulfed in flames.

Mondesir, 52, was charged with attempted first-degree murder and is being held without bail, according to MSNBC.

Breton, who suffered burns on 12 percent of her body, WPTV reports, was released from the hospital on Tuesday. Now that she’s out, she finds herself facing hefty towing fees for the vehicles left in the 7-Eleven parking lot after the attack.

Zuccala’s Wrecker Service is charging Breton $340 for the removal of her Mercedes from the lot, the Daily Mail reports. Breton is also saddled with a $363 towing fee, as well as a $25-per-day late charge, for Mondesir’s car, since both her name and Mondesir’s are on the title.

Andrew Zuccala, the owner of the Zuccala’s Wrecker Service, states that his company is contracted to the city, and simply responded to police requests to tow the cars. Now, he says, someone needs to cover the costs. Zuccala noted that he will try to work with Breton to cover the cost of Mondesir’s vehicle.

The fees are “a disgrace,” says Breton. “It’s not like I had a choice of where my car went,” she told WPBF. “I was on fire.”

WTF!? It’s bad enough this poor lady was looking like Fire Marshall Bill, now she has to pay racks for not moving her car from the very place she was set ablaze? That ain’t right!


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