Magic Boxes: Ladies Whose Special Good Good Made Men Go Crazy

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Women That Drive Men Crazy

Have you ever been crazy in love? Like…really crazy? Like crazy enough to want to fight another pop icon in a club over some hot hoo-ha? Has hot lovin’ ever driven you sort of crazy? Well these ladies have the power to drive men absolutely insane. We don’t know what they have, but apparently it works.

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Erykah Badu – She has guys throwing on Kufis and worshipping different Gods when they get a whiff of her earth cavern.

Rihanna – She’s got Drizzy and Breezy throwing bottles over her? Smangtastic.

Jessica Simpson – She damn near ruined Tony Romo’s career because he was so hooked.

Pamela Anderson – All these rockers give her the business, then go crazy with home movies, tattoos and depression when she leaves.

Serena Williams – Before Rihanna, Drake was in a beef over Serena. She had Drizzy and Common fawning over her.

Halle Berry – If we were Eric Benet, we’d be addicted to sex if we were with Halle too. But is it us or do guys kind of fall off after she drops them?

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    Katie Holmes – She had Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch, yo. That’s powerful pootatootery.

    Mariah Carey – Derek Jeter almost turned in his bachelor card. Eminem had a meltdown. And Nick Cannon is addicted. Nice.

    Superhead – Well we know what her secret is. But she has rappers fighting over her. Weezy is hooked and even Bill Maher was clinging to it.

    Foxy Brown – Jay-Z was all about it and allegedly even wrote rhymes because he was so hooked to her. Even Rozay was calling that his boo.

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