Spinoffs: 7 More Cities That Should Get A “Love & Hip-Hop”

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More Cities That Deserve “Love And Hip-Hop Shows”

We’ve had our eyes peeled and glued to Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. We just can’t get enough of it. The spinoff has gone so well that we can’t help but think of some other cities that we’d love to see the Hip-Hop drama unfold in.

We hope the powers that be hear us and make these shows happen.

Love & Hip-Hop: Houston – Just think of all the rappers in H-town and the baby mommas they spawned. It’d be southern goodness.

Love & Hip-Hop: New Orleans – Hell, you could do a show focused solely on Lil Wayne’s baby mommas smh.

Love & Hip-Hop: Los Angeles – Get the west coast ladies some attention. Let Snoop’s wife be the Shaunie O’Neal of the bunch.

Love & Hip-Hop: Miami – Rick Ross’s past flings? Flo-Rida’s boos? Yes, Miami would be poplin’.

Love & Hip-Hop: Detroit – There’s a lot of true hip hop ladies in Day Trois. Just Em’s ex alone will be enough drama.

Love & Hip-Hop: Chicago – All those Chi-town rappers got plenty of love interested roaming around the Windy City that could stir up some trouble.

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    Love & Hip-Hop: Toronto – Drake’s many heartbreakers are enough to do five seasons about.

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