Ride Or Die: Kanye West Says Fawk The Haters, He Doesn’t Give A Crap About Kim Kardashian’s Freaky Film Past!

- By Bossip Staff

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO! It’s Captain Save ‘Em to the rescue!

Kim Kardashian had an in-depth interview with Oprah recently and she talked about everything from losing her virginity to her divorce from Kris Humphries. She also discussed her infamous tape with Ray J that many credit for making her famous.

Well, a friend of Kim’s new boo Kanye West is spilling the beans on what Kanye really thinks of Kim’s past…

“Kanye is not at all trippin’ on Kim’s interview with O or the fact they brought up Ray J. It is what it is and that was like five years ago. A lot of girls f**k in the industry but where are they now?,” reveals our source. “Kim f**ked on tape and became an international icon and made [many] millions. So to me, she’s gangsta. These other girls got the game [messed] up, not Kim, and I think that’s why Kanye is so drawn to her and supports her and doesn’t give a [crap] about her past. He likes her for her and respects the fact she came up in the game.”

The source reveals Kanye doesn’t care what people say about him or Kim. “Everyone hates on her and [lots of] people hate on Kanye too. You think they care, really? Jealousy and envy fuels people like them. It only makes them stronger.”

In fact, Kanye loves Kim for how she stays above it all and focuses on her family. “Kanye loves how Kim is so confident in herself and how she loves and respects her family. It’s something he hasn’t found in other women in his past.”

Kim’s past probably meant nothing to him, considering the fact he wife’d up a Philly hoodrat stripper for so long. ‘Ye might even look at his new attention slorin’ but filthy rich boo as a come up.

Mr. West put it best on his banger from College Dropout, “Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don’t care what people say!”


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