Where is Kim Porter? Part 33- Is Diddy Hittin’ Cassie Again?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip exclusively reported almost a whole year ago that Puffy and Cassie had a relationship that was beyond music and “friendship”. Now VH1’s blog has suggested that the two are “knocking boots”. Diddy and Cassie have been leanin’ on each other at NYC clubs all month.

I guess ya’ll will believe it now. Damn, Diddy just seems like he don’t give a f*ck. Two babymamas that have known each other for years, parading his young meat around while having his puppet Kim on the other arm. SMH.

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  • Mississippi Girl

    Im sure that he has been sleeping wit her for a while now!

  • Mississippi Girl

    OMG! I am 1st!! So whats the prize?? She cant sing any damn way!!

  • aqueenwaits

    All of them is TRIFE-LEN!!! NEXT STORY PLEASE!!!

  • Creole Princess

    Puffy just tryna prove to his self that he is not gay thats why he be messing with all these women..He probably be getting mad at his self sometimes for getting an erection whenever he see a picture of Tyson Beckford or Kanye.

  • Tabitha

    Hi Creole Princess,

    No disrespect but you don’t look creole at all!! I thought Creole folks where very light or at least caramel complexioned.

    Please break it down for me I find your culture fascinating

  • Creole Princess

    I am not that light, however I am lighter than my picture. I took the picture in a club which is usually dark. my mom is from Haiti dad from Martinique..and I speak creole and french fluently thats how i came up with my name. Plus my nickname in real life is Princess. Hope I didn’t leave anything out for ya *wink*

  • http://www.myspace.com/alobienduro NextTopModel

    all i know is they’re all burning…. NEXT

  • Tabitha

    Oh, so Creole is NOT solely based in Louisiana? See here I was thinking only certain folks from the bayou where considered Creole. I work with a guy who’s eyes are green & he has wavy hair & the 1st thing he advises folks of is his Creole status- Like we care!!! Anyway my my my how startled he’s going to be when I advise him that Haitians are considered Creole as well…he’s quite color struck.

  • DDub

    Hmm. Maybe it was the way she looked in the Stronger video that got him interested again…

  • Tabitha

    I think Kim P is beautiful & in a side by side comparison looks better than Cassie. I think Kim’s bronze butter complexion puts her over the competition to me.

  • star

    and the saga continues!!!lol

  • Not You

    @ Tabitha

    Creole can be any variation of people who are of Spanish, Portugese, French and of course African descent.

    Creole peeps come in all shades. A lot of creoles are color struck–but those are just fools with a slave mentality. My family is creole on my mother’s side and they are every shade of the black rainbow.

    Err, as for Diddy/Cassie…don’t care. He uses women, they use him…same old song.

  • Creole Princess

    @ Tabitha and believe it or not light skinned Creoles are very prejusdice against the dark skin ones, stupid, but true. I have all shades in my family and best believe I stay the hell away from the lighter ones, they will quick to tell you to marry a mulatte so you dont have dark kids, I be like WTF?!

  • Creole Princess

    back to Puff, I honestly don’t think he hit Cassie..I think he may have made her give a hand job, but not sex.

  • Creole Princess

    @ Not you, guess you beat me to it..lol

  • Not You

    My nephew goes to Catholic school with a lot of color struck people. They inter-marry to keep the light skin and “good” hair.

    My thought is, why does it matter, some of them kids shole is ugly!!!!!!!

    When I married an Hispanic fella, one of the first things some of those fools said is “you’ll have pretty babies with pretty hair.” I was soooooo offended. It’s 2007! Get a real identity! As india.arie says, I am not my hair!!!!!!


    well i heard he can lay it down anyway

  • ripped

    Kim is ugly as f – – -. She must got it going on somewhere to be getting paid or havin babies like she is.

  • versace

    Majority of the people of Louisiana are descendants from Haiti. They just got diluted with mix cultures. France did own Louisiana at own time. Haitians would migrate there and do business there and did very well.

    Beyonce calls herself creole I wonder if she is haitian mixed with other cultures.

  • Tabitha

    The guy I work with is very color struck yet he & as he tells us his family DO NOT like white folks. They don’t like dark folks & Hate white folks they only stick with folks like themselves. I guess that’s where the inbreeding done yrs ago came from. Kinda hard to find someone like thet’s not already related to you when you hail from a small town so they began looking at distant cousins as marriage partners.

  • Tabitha

    oops meant to say “kinda hard to find someone un-related to you when you hail from a small town”

  • nono

    diddy is nasty how many women has he been with

  • The Real Essence 1

    Wow Tammy if what you say is true that Sarah indeed has the chicken then that’s horrible & if you are passing rumors then god forgive you cuz that is not something anyone should be kidding about.

    I’ve heard of a brotha out here thinking the chicken {oh AIDS} is not a “big deal” because there are medicines on the market prolonging folks lives. SMH!!

  • TabulaRasa

    In the words of the souljah boy…. super soak that hoe!

  • Creole Princess

    @ Real Essence, why you calling it the chicken, I know it’s a serious disease but it just sounds too funny.

    @ Tabitha, yeah they usually stick to their own or date hispanic chicks/men form DR. It’s this real popular band called T-Vice, they once put out a statement saying they didn’t want flies mixed with milk at their concerts. Figure it out. Here’s a picture of them.

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