Mike Tyson is “On One” Again

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According to Livesteez, Tyson is at it again with his old tricks…like running his car through gates and sh*t:

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has found himself back in news headlines, this time for impatiently ramming his vehicle into the visitor’s gate of a private community in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving morning. According to local ABC news affiliates KTNV, the retired boxer pulled his late-model black Escalade up to the southern part of Valley at Monarch Estates at around 7:45 a.m. Thursday. “He went to the visitor’s gate, but instead of driving through the gate when it opened, he veered off and hit the closed resident’s gate,” said Action News reporter Rikki Cheese. “Tyson reportedly backed up and ripped the gate down. Metro was called, and Tyson got a ticket.” Las Vegas Police were called to investigate and gave him a breathalyzer test, which he passed. They then dismissed the entire incident as an accident and Tyson escaped with a fine before being allowed inside of the gated community to visit his friend, as reported by Eurweb.com.

Well it appears that Mike is still the ticking time bomb he has always been. We just pray for anyone next to this ignorant goof ball when he blows, it will not be a pretty sight.


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    He needs help and no one is willing to tell him out of fear.

    Oh yeah, PLATINUM

  • Ermy Erm (It's a Mini-Blizzard Outside)

    SMH @ this retardo. WTH is wrong with him? serious mental issues

  • Ermy Erm (It's a Mini-Blizzard Outside)

    Nuttier than a fruitcake

  • Fe

    He’s a scary looking bastard…

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Tyson is a lost cause…but on to more important questions…

    …who responsible for this picture? It reminds me of gremlins…

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    LMAO! And why is he ripping entire gates down? Strong than a mutha…

  • circa-81

    LOL. I only wish I could’ve been in the passenger seat to tell em’ ” Man, you outta ya’ f#ckin’ mind.” I would love to hang out wit’ this dude for 1 day. Seem like they would be willing to give him a reality show. Probably would be entertaining.

  • Blacksmith

    @ Re…LOL! Exactly!

    Glad he took it out on the gate and not someone’s grill.

  • Mia

    you would think with all of the money he has made that he would of used some of it to get his teeth fixed. SMDH

  • diane

    Apis is sure gonna have a hefty time fixing that car!

  • Mock Rock Stardust(Mock Rock rocks)

    Tyson will be my married last name

  • ms. america

    that is too damn funny, my girls and I just ran into him 2 nights in a row at Drai’s in Vegas. This dude is truly nuts, doesnt surprise me at all.

  • Big Hawk

    Tyson is my dude, no doubt. But He one step away from Hannibal Lector-ing a cat…Wow.

  • shar


    “you would think with all of the money he has made that he would of used some of it to get his teeth fixed. SMDH”
    If you were a dentist would you go anywhere near this man?
    He probably hammered on those gold teeth himself.
    Having said that we all know that there are some low self-esteem/Aspergers chicks who would still let him hit it.

  • http://myspace.com/daintygirlgt anitabonita

    Whut is that nasty BUMP in on his lip.ewww

  • ItsJustNika

    ha! why does he have a whitehead on his lip?

  • Chukwuma

    I love Mike Tyson, no matter what he has become, he was once my hero and will always be

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