Obama Names Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

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The shady, “Slick Willie”, has cut a deal to make sure Hillary gets a spot in Obama’s cabinet:

INDIAN WELLS, Calif., Nov. 29 — Former president Bill Clinton has agreed to make public 200,000 donors to his presidential library and foundation as part of an agreement with President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team designed to allow his wife — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton — to be named secretary of state, according to two sources familiar with the arrangement. The former president has also agreed to allow the State Department and, potentially, the White House to vet his personal business interests and speeches so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest, according to transition officials. The outlines of the deal cut by Obama and the Clintons emerged in the last week as it became increasingly clear that the New York senator would be named secretary of state. The transition team said the president-elect will make the announcement Monday in Chicago. Bill Clinton has long resisted calls to make public the donors to his library and foundation, insisting that he has complied with all federal laws governing the disclosure (or lack thereof) of the contributions and the contributors to the foundation.
During the primary fight between Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Illinois senator’s campaign described his opponent as a “veteran of non-disclosure” — using the donors to the library as a cudgel in the argument.

Obama has do to what he has to do for the betterment of our country. Word just in…it is official. Hillary is the new Secretary of State.



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  • Mr Cee

    plat you dumb birds…feels good to be at the top…it feels so much better..so much better

  • Necy


  • Mr Cee

    sorry nece, aka neffe…lol

  • Necy

    Mr. Obama made a good decision!! she has what it takes to do that job…

  • Necy

    what is neffe???

  • no name required

    smart man…keep your enemies close

  • melchizodok

    A high profile position, possible line up for the preseidential run after Obama,The Clintons not stupid.

  • This I Know

    What!!! There goes the white house!

  • Book Worm

    no surprise here……..

  • da truth

    I think it’s a smart move.


  • Pynk

    Is this site working any better now? Does your ish actually show up when you post?

  • Pynk

    Where is my gravatar? This sucks

  • Ms. Cocoa

    I believe that Obama made a good choice in putting her in that position, keep your friends close but your enemies closer!!!

  • SMDH

    WTF is wrong with this board??

  • huss

    He prove today that he’s a typical lying ass politician!

    What in the world would possess him to put Hillary Clinton

    and 1/2 of her husband’s former staff on his team,

    Didn’t this NEGROE cry CHANGE?!?! There’s so many former

    Clinton –and even Bush– former staff members on his committee

    Is anyone sure Hillary Clinton didn’t win?!

    This is sooooo suspect and I seriously have NO faith in Barack.

    He’s a puppet and he lied!


  • LMAO!

    @anonymous says

    Ignorance can be exhausting at times. Unless they were part of the crowd contributing to it, maybe they just need time to regroup, take a few vitamins or go outside and breathe “fresh air” for awhile, in order to give them the strength, to fight the battle one more day.
    Thankfully for me I have a scenic view, a portable refrigerator, an oxygen tank (in case of emergencies), some No-Doze and the intestinal fortitude to stay in the trenches, LMAO!.

  • Raquel26

    @Huss….ALL presidents are puppets.

    And we should have done homework before 100% accepting this man because he was black. He is a cousin of Cheney’s ya know. Besides……the only way to become president (or at least have a shot) is to be within the bloodline. Obama is. Cheney is. Bush is. Kerry was. Perot was. All of them. Dating back as well.

    So, unfortunately…..no, there wont ever be a regular black person as president, or a hispanic, or asian, etc……it sounds good to say that “you can be whatever you want to be”.


    Except the president of the United States.

  • Raquel26

    And any future elections will always be between:

    1) A giant douche

    2) A turd Sandwich……lol

    (got that from southpark). Its funnier than saying “lesser of two evils”.

    And in this election, Obama was the douche and the less of the 2 evils.

  • VTechGirl

    Who the heck cares! After all they are politicians and they all lie. Obama was the better liar and now that he has captured the presidency, he doesn’t give a care what you think. Like they all do when they win. He will be no different and no better.

  • diane

    Well, well, well, It’s like the old saying goes i.e great debaters “Sometimes we do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do” I can’t say I knock the presidents hustle I mean Hell bushed hustled backwards the entire eight years!

    can we all say amen;)

  • http://annoymous@yahoo.com anonymous says

    LMAO….. you are so right it is pitiful all day long butting in convo’s and it aint like they dont have their damn crew to talk too, anyone can read my posts and see i never address those bitc@es and here they come butting in talking about how much money they make AND BLAH BLAH BLAH who gives a damn. i make good money got my own home family got their own business even after my crime but i have the man upstairs to answer to and i aint got time to fussing on no damn blog. Then some idiot said well why dp you come on DUH i have that option its my comp, my fingers typing, my time and my choice of who i want to blog to, you never see me butting in if i do its with a nice interuption only unless im called out then im dangerous trust!

  • Trendy

    Yes i was a bit dissappointed when i heard Obama was making Hilary Cuntin secretary of state, but i figured it was a strategic move so she does not run against him when he vies for a second term. So the choice of Hilary was either a dumbass move or strategic, considering Obama is smart, i lean towards the latter.

  • Grissum


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