I Love Your Girl: A Gallery Of Guys Who Lyrically Detailed Their Love Affairs

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Guys Who Wrote Lyrics About Their Love Affairs

Though they dominate our airwaves, media, and television screens like it’s going out of style, the ratio of rappers to women seems to be one to a million.

So much so that when they do come across some cakes that they decide to cuff and it doesn’t work out,  even the most ratchet of rap royalty seem let their emotions get the best of them for all of us to hear, most times after the women have moved on to other high profile relationships.

Here’s a gallery of dudes who smashed the competition……and their boo thangs….and then put it on wax with no shame after their former flings had moved on.

His infactuation with former ride or die chick JLo can be heard on many a Diddy song…many of them made after she’d moved on.

The Dream
The I Love Your Girl lyrics, penned by this guy, spoke volumes to the Dream’s dirty dog desires for Nivea, who had very recently ended her relationship with Lil Wayne.

Joke or not, Mr. Mathers wasn’t feeling Mariah Carey’s portrayl of him in her music video, so he shot back in a song of his own with a few words for both Mrs. AND Mr. Cannon.

This YMCMB front man had no problem letting the world know about his supposedly unsuccessful attempts to chop down Rih Rihs cakes. We all know what happened as a result.

The Late Tupac Shakur
Although the allegations turned out not to be true in the end according to the woman in question, when Pac decided to say on record that he got down and dirty with the then wife of Biggie Smalls in the middle of a brewing east coast/west coast battle, it was a huge deal.

Kanye West
Before Jay got it through his head not to run his mouth, Yeezy was known for bashing his former boo thang Amber Rose on wax, as well as taking subliminal shots at her new man Wiz Khalifa. Not to mention his non-subilimal backhanded shoutout to Kimmy Cakes hubby Kris Humphries.

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    Hubby hov may be all about the matrimony now, but back when he wasn’t, he was gettin it in with Nas’ babymama Carmen…and he told him..and everyone else…all about it in a song that sparked one of hip-hops biggest fueds.

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