Got Boobs???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Look at these two heathens with their enormous, stretch-marked jugs pressed up against each other. Fellas, we know more is better, but Z-cups is pushing it a bit too far. SMH

Grab a gander at some more pics and a guy being suffocated below.

Images via AllTheParties

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  • DaddyO


  • DaddyO

    but goddam, who wants my medal for this thread.

  • shana


  • Oshie - I have nothing witty to add to my name today

    That left one looks like it’s been through a war or two.

  • deesac

    Lord have mercy what I would do between all that good good lovin “Is that T.I. little head between those mountians?”


    Im sad.

  • DaddyO

    I’m sad too. Is the on the left a midget?

  • uptowngirl

    This is all Monique’s fault.

  • lilianasanchez86

    LMAO. those are some big ol tities hahahaha

  • Da Key

    That entire outfit is way to small…not a good look. Neither is the suit dripping with sweat. That is a mess all across the board. God bless America.

  • Re

    Her teeth look like a deck of cards…

  • Re

    You know how people stick their tongue out their mouth?

    She could stick her tongue out her TEETH…amazing…

  • I dont get it!

    This is exactly why I’m in L.A. fitness 4 times a week putting that work in….that ish is nasty!

  • Pynk

    Um, where the hell are their nipples? Was it Halloween? Why must some women insist on looking like straight up trash all the time…. That won’t attract no decent man… sheesh…



    Their nipples are at Santa’s other office…the South Pole

  • Simply Ecstasy

    Yea she got boobs but it’s obvious that the one on the right don’t got a DENTIST.

  • Man, I just don't care

    @ PYNK
    “That won’t attract no decent man… sheesh…”

    Umm… how do you define “decent man” cause I’m drawn to trash like a moth to a flame. LOL.

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    Okay now it is almost 2009 and some females (not all) but some need to go and re-teach themselves how to dress. Just because it says XL 2XL 3XL dosent mean that it FITS you have to have a good body shape to wear stuff like that I dont even know what to say… its like my words are coming together… NASTY

  • SMDH

    WTF is wrong with this board??? WHy aren’t the comments showing up?!?

  • JillyBean819

    They could probably ‘nurse’ every sick child in Africa back to full health with those jugs.

  • shavondenise

    What the hell??? F her tits! Her teeth look like some piano keys…BEING PLAYED!! LOL!!

  • Panthergod777

    The tits are nice but the grills are crashed!!!lol!!!

  • private Dancer


    decent men live in strip clubs looking for women like that don’t sleep!!!!

  • crazychris

    i like them both i’m a freak

  • Raquel26


    It’s hungry-hungry hippos!!!

    And the white balls are their crack rock.

    Ghetto HOT mess!

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