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Nelly supported his boo Ashanti at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Hosts World Premiere for her new film Resident Evil: Extinction. It’s rumored that they are engaged, but Ashanti’s fingers are looking extremely naked. You can’t knock em though, because they actually look nice together.

Ice-T’s siliconed wife Coco showed her support for him at his performance at the Presents “The Release” last night in NYC. No comment on whether they are a good looking couple or not.

More pics from those events:

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  • J

    Nelly and Ashanti do make a nice couple. I like them together. I hope that they do decide to get married in the future.

  • Jahpson

    ok, why do people sweat Ice-t? and is coco a human?

    nelly and ashanti look great

  • BronxBrawler

    Ice Tray is a clown.

  • Mike D.

    Damn Ashanti is beautiful

  • OMG

    Damn – look at all that hail damage / cottage cheese on Coco’s thighs in that last picture. That’s not cute at all.


  • txshawty

    Ashanti and Nelly are too cute.

    But um…why do IceT and CoCo look like a couple of midgets swingin their legs on that couch! lol…It looks tall

  • OMG

    OMG. Look at all the hail damage / cottage cheese on Coco’s thighs in that last picture.


  • txshawty

    lol @ Rubies…too bad my daddy love watchin that show…

  • Naw Son

    ewwwww, even after Irv hit that. Nelly your a waaaaay better man then i am.

  • The Original Ebony

    I told y’all CoCo was a midget. Feet are no where near the floor! lmao

  • BahamaMamasupportstheJena6

    TX Shawty

    bobby val. go there now

  • MarieDaGuru

    Although they are both lame performers/musicians Ashanti and Nelly make a cute couple.

    CoCo is irrelevant but I like Ice because he’s an O.G. when it comes to rap music. Not saying his songs or lyrics were great but he is one of the first on the scene. And dude was one of the first rap artist to make a nice crossover to tv and movies.

  • BahamaMamasupportstheJena6

    txshawty u still here???

  • txshawty

    b’mama yes ma’am…had to step away for some work lol

  • yes

    y coco look like a midget lol

  • BahamaMamasupportstheJena6

    go to bobby valentine page first post

  • txshawty

    K…hold on

  • okay

    well im not trying to pic on coco.. but her face looks so plastic.. her skin looks like leather… her body looks so fake.. everything about her looks fake.. and that makes her look extremely ugly to me… she had cosmetic surgery on her face and whole body… and its still not cute..

  • txshawty

    b’mama…huh? Go where?

  • BahamaMamasupportstheJena6

    go to bobby v. page (on the side)—–>

    and click on the first post comments, that’s where we r.

  • okay

    one more thing.. how is coco’s skin darker then ice-t its looks like she was roasting in the sun.. and that is just not cute… HOW please fellas tell me how can any decent man like a woman like this

  • BronxBrawler

    @ okay Ice Tray has low self-esteem so a white chik makes him feel better about himself.

  • NAIS

    Im happy for them and not knockin them..I just wonder how long it took Ice to come to terms with the fact that his wife look like a middle-aged man without make-up

  • nahnah

    melted ice and coco are the same complexion.

  • Nelly ville

    Hat off to them two the look great together. It is about time we get a break for B and JZ. Their other nie couples to look at other then them. Ice tea is really cold tea no one wants any.

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