Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Faces Backlash As Online Petition To Get It Canceled Is Set Up

Another Boycott?? Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Faces Backlash As Online Petition For Cancellation Starts

- By Bossip Staff

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta may not enjoy more than one season if petitioners have their way. Audiences who tuned into the latest spinoff of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta were left reeling after just the first episode and have now started a petition to get the show axed.

The bar for ratchetness increased tenfold in the new spinoff series, with K. Michelle implicating Toya Wright’s husband Memphitz as her former abuser. The episode also included awkward confessions of infidelities and a street brawl between Stevie J and a rival. It seems the African-American community have had enough of constant negative portrayals of themselves.

An excerpt from the petition, which has gathered 500 signatures, reads:

While we should respect the perceptions and experiences of the men and women featured on “reality” television shows, networks are airing stories that could be very helpful for people to hear, but they are telling these stories in EXTREMELY dangerous ways.

As we work toward national and local-level change, let’s tell VH1 and their sponsors (again) why people from a broad range of backgrounds will NOT stand for the exploitation of the lived experiences of people who may not even know they’re being exploited.

This isn’t a “Black or White” thing, this is a HUMAN thing…and we should all understand.

VH1 has been hit with now 2 petitions due to its reality shows within months of each other. Although, Love & Hip Hop isn’t dealing with the same bullying issues as Basketball Wives, it is clear that many people are fed up with the stereotypical portrayals of the African American community these shows display.

Are producers behind Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta exploiting the cast and presenting a poor image? Will you be signing the petition?

Check out the entire petition HERE




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