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Karrueche Aware Of Chris Brown’s Love For Rihanna

With all of the recent drama surrounding Chris Brown and with Rihanna all up in the mix, many wonder how Breezy’s breezy is holding up…or better yet, why she hasn’t completely flipped the script on Brown or ratchet Rih Rih yet.

Well, we just might have our answer.

For the last six months rumours have circulated that they are once again hooking up in secret. “His girl [Karrueche] ain’t trippin’…nor is she blaming Rihanna for the blow-up.” A source told HollywoodLife.

“[Karrueche] is what you would call a ‘Ride Or Die’ chick. She’s hella cool and takes care of Chris on all levels…[Karrueche] knows where she stands and what her place in Chris’ life [is] and she’s fine with that.”

“She will take what she’s given, but we all know Rihanna will always be number 1 to him. [Karrueche] knows this and she’s cool with that,” the source went on.

While the model has accepted Rihanna’s influence in the rapper’s life that doesn’t mean she has Ok’d him seeing her again and is said to fiercely hate the ‘You Da One Star’.

“Now of course [Karrueche] doesn’t like Rihanna because Chris still loves her,” the source explained.

While Riri might still have a holdover Chris, Tran is sure that he will get over her eventually, with the source claiming Tran thinks she is hotter than the Bajan beauty anyway.

“To be perfectly honest, she looks better than Rihanna and she knows that.” They added.




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