Bossip Exclusive: “Empire Girls” Adrienne Bailon And Julissa Bermudez Talk Wardrobe Malfunctions, Politics And Ex-Boyfriends, Plus Adrienne Denies Letting Fab Chop Her Down!

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BOSSIP: Julissa, your ex appears on the show with you on the third episode.
Okay. So, what made you open to that and why was it important for us to see you, I guess, gain closure with him? Because you guys broke up a while ago, right?

Julissa Bermudez: Yes. And it’s funny that you say that because even though we are broken up and haven’t been together for some time now, the viewers will get to see basically that we didn’t even get a chance to really – things happened so fast and we really get that closure. And I feel like women who, you know, whoever question certain things in their relationship and why it didn’t work out and all these other things.

Like, they’ll be able to see that you know what, through ups and downs and everything that might’ve happened in a relationship that you thought was going to be more than what it ended up being, that you can have at least an even playing field and have a cordial relationship with something that was so significant in your life. I mean, that personally for me I wanted us to be able to not have to duck and dodge or feel like we have to duck and dodge each other.

We’re in similar circles and in this business and it’s funny enough because we haven’t ran into each other a lot and it’s I think it has to do a lot with the fact that we just didn’t have that, we didn’t have that closure, things happened so fast. And, you know, we went our separate and didn’t — and there was a lot of people speculation on, you know, why we broke up and all these other things.

So I felt like, you know what, if I’m going to really give you my real life and put myself out there then I’m going to do it not just on my career, but in other aspects of my life as well because maybe there’ll be people watching the show that can relate. And make them think one day, you know what, that’s not a bad idea because you live and you learn and sometimes, you know, people are in your life for a reason, a season or whatever it may be.

Did you guys see Julissa have it out with her ex-boo LJ (Larry Johnson)? She looked really beautiful, but shed a lot of tears. We actually think ladies will really relate to Julissa on this show.

Hit the flip for Adrienne’s take on gossip blogs and the rumors she let Fab tap those Cheetah cakes.

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