Bossip Exclusive: “Empire Girls” Adrienne Bailon And Julissa Bermudez Talk Wardrobe Malfunctions, Politics And Ex-Boyfriends, Plus Adrienne Denies Letting Fab Chop Her Down!

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BOSSIP: This is an election year and the Latino vote has been a big part of it. So we wanted to know if you ladies are political and if you’re going to include anything about politics in the show and just outside of the show are you involved in the political process and getting other Latinos out to vote?

Adrienne Bailon: As of now it’s not included in the show. As of now, I mean, we’re still somewhat filming but now it’s not but we are very much involved in (unintelligible) for Latino and encouraging young Latinos to get out there and vote. And we definitely – both of us have really strong opinions on and try to stay as much informed on what’s going on in politics.

Julissa Bermudez:I know, like, recently with Obama and the Dream Act- we’re making progress, you know. And the – as much as they want to call us the minority and say that, you know, we’re becoming the majority, that’s – the population — the Latinos they’re going to keep growing and have to be at the — we can’t continue to complain without doing something and without really going out there and letting your voice be heard. And voting is definitely one of those ways. So…

Adrienne Bailon:Yes.

Julissa Bermudez:…I’m all about encouraging someone to vote. It doesn’t have to be my vote, you know. It doesn’t have to be…

Adrienne Bailon:Right.

Julissa Bermudez:…we’ll I’m not going to shove it down somebody’s throat on who they feel like they should vote for. But, just so that they know that their importance in voting is there.

Adrienne Bailon: And even like Juli, I think that Juli is such an amazing example of that. You know, she wasn’t born in this county, she was born in DR, but she made the decision to actually go and take the test to become a citizen. And that in itself was a major process. And I think the importance of that – it’s really important, you know. I think that it’s important that we encourage people to do that as well.

Hit the flip for more on Adrienne’s alter ego, Juli’s tech struggle and the dynamics of their friendship.

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