Bossip Exclusive: “Empire Girls” Adrienne Bailon And Julissa Bermudez Talk Wardrobe Malfunctions, Politics And Ex-Boyfriends, Plus Adrienne Denies Letting Fab Chop Her Down!

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP: Definitely. Another thing we wanted to ask you about is social media. Adrienne, we follow you on Instagram.

Adrienne Bailon:I’m obsessed.

BOSSIP: Now Julissa, last time we saw you, you were living that struggle berry life. Are you going to get an iPhone and join Instagram with as well?

Julissa Bermudez: Oh my God, that’s comedy. I need to get one. I have an iPad and I think I’m going to just have to start Instagramming from that or give in and get the iPhone. It’s really funny because I’m always giving my mom a hard time about how she doesn’t even own a cell phone, she’s not up to date. She literally just learned how to turn on her computer and navigate the web and I’m starting to realize that I’m becoming that person amongst the circle of my friends. I really need to be a little bit more with the times and I’m tweeting and I feel like I’m involved and that’s a great first step. But, I do understand that nowadays the way of the world is very much social networking. So, I getting better. A day at a time people.

BOSSIP: And then for you Adrienne, since you are already on Instagram, how do you decide how much to keep private and what, you know, to share because obviously you share a lot.

Adrienne Bailon:I think what you keep private – I think there’s so much that you should keep private. I think the things that you should show are things that are like fun, dope, fly sh!t that you did, you know what I mean. Like, last night I attended the Writers – I mean the Song Writers Hall of Fame. Ne-Yo was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Like, that’s something you definitely should Instagram. Like, yo, I’m up in here with like, Bett Midler was there, Stevie Nicks, like these huge – you know what I mean. Like, it’s more – I think it’s great for those types of purposes to kind of capture those moments and to share those moments with your fans. There’s also – sometimes I think there’s, like, really funny things that I want to Instagram but I keep those things to myself.

BOSSIP: And then you have, like, what’s the thing with – what is it Bonnie Besos?

Julissa Bermudez:Yes, that’s her alter ego.

Adrienne Bailon:She’s out of her Goddamn mind. But, the other night Bonnie came out. Right Juli?

Julissa Bermudez: Oh, she did.

Adrienne Bailon: Oh, it was a problem, yes. Friends say that I need to have more fun. But, I think I’m getting older and I think we show that on the show as well. You know, it’s coming of age things. Sometimes I’m like, what am I doing in the club, I’d rather be home reading a book, watching SVU Law & Order, you know what I mean.

BOSSIP: Right.

Adrienne Bailon: I’m getting to that age and my friends are like, no, we’re not going to let you just go home and, you know, it’s great to have friends like that. I mean, we went out and we had a great time the other night. And we definitely backing it up a little bit and Juli was like, damn, Bonnie was out last night. I said oh, okay.

Julissa Bermudez:Yes, she was.

Adrienne Bailon:I’m mad boring. Juli says I’m usually in the corner on Instagram.

Julissa Bermudez:Yes.

Adrienne Bailon:Sitting down, like tweeting or BBMing, having a conversation on my phone. Mad boring.

Julissa Bermudez:You are too busy, you’re doing social media – social networking and all that. You don’t even get to party. It’s like it’s funny because people will Instagram or tweet nonstop while they’re having “so much fun”. I’m like, there is no way you can be having that much fun if you’re on your phone that much.

Julissa Bermudez:If you’re having, you’re just having fun. You’re not on your phone having fun.

BOSSIP: Adrienne, with the episode where you had your tattoo removed, we thought that was such a real friend moment when Julissa’s like, why did you do it in the first place and you were why are you not being supportive. But then on the flipside, when Juli got excited about the new guy she was dating, you were a little harsh with her.

Adrienne Bailon:Juli will start naming her children on a first date. I’m just looking out, you feel me. I was like you will not name your children today. You just met him. I’m just trying to save the girl from some heartbreaks.

Julissa Bermudez: And I appreciate it.

Adrienne Bailon:…like I’ve done. Like, trying to stop her from getting tattoos and things like that. I’ve been there, done that enough for both of us.

Julissa Bermudez:That tough love definitely goes both ways.

Well there you have it folks! What do you think about these two? Do they have a hit with “Empire Girls”? If you haven’t seen it yet, will you be tuning in for future episodes?

The show airs on the Style network Sundays at 9pm!

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