You Need More People: Love & HipHop ATL’s Dirty Dog Stevie J Denies Leaking Ex-Girlfriend Eve’s Triple X Freaky Film

- By Bossip Staff

We don’t believe you…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s resident scumbag, super-producer Stevie J, was engaged to rapper Eve back in the mid ’90s, and became infamous in 2005 when a nasty triple X tape featuring the two of them sprung a leak online. For years, the media has blamed Stevie J for exposing the private tape, but now Stevie is coming clean about how the tape became public.

During a recent interview, Stevie denied doing the deed. Instead, he places the blame on Eve’s “girlfriend”…

“…that was a girl with Eve who leaked that tape, Eve’s girlfriend leaked that tape. They was on the tour bus watching it and she must have felt some type of way and she wanted it for herself.”

If it walks like a dog, talks like a a dog and treats women like a dirty dog, it might be Stevie J. It seems like he has an explanation for everything. But wait a minute, so is he saying that Eve likes that girl on girl action, and is a lesbian? Do you believe him?


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