Man Up! These Women Wore The Pants In Their Relationships!

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Women That Wore The Pants In Their Relationships

It’s the 21st century, kids. That means the days of men dominating their relationships are over. A lot of times ladies wear the pants and tell their men how to handle things. No shame in that. Just take it like a champ and keep it going.

These men dominated. And the men just sat there and took it.

Ciara – She definitely was Bow Wow’s boss. It didn’t help that she was a foot taller than him too.

Janet Jackson – She had JD wrapped around her finger. Poor guy.

Jackie Christie – Doug makes no decisions in his life. Yikes.

Michelle Obama – You know she runs the white House. Go on head, baby.

J Lo – You know good and well Casper is just another one of her kids…but he lays pipe.

Star Jones –Her man was soft as cookie dough so you just know she was running things.

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    Evelyn Lozada – She totally clowned Ocho for his lack of a job a while back. She’s clearly confident in her role.

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