In Inebriated White Folks News: Kelly Osbourne Suffers An Emotional Drunken Nervous Breakdown On A Flight Over Her Brother Jack’s Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis!

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Keep it together young lady

Kelly Osbourne Has A Drunken Nervous Breakdown On A Flight

According to RadarOnline:

Kelly Osbourne is cracking under the pressure of her brother Jack Osbourne’s devastating multiple sclerosis diagnosis, and the former reality TV star, actress and singer recently suffered a drunken breakdown.

On June 19 Kelly boarded a flight from LAX to Atlanta and that’s where her trouble started, Star magazine has exclusively learned.

“She was gorgeous when she got on the flight,” an eyewitness tells Star. “Her makeup was impeccable, her hair was up in a smart-looking bun and she was wearing cool shades.”

However, the stress of recent weeks must have driven Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter over the edge during her flight.

“I saw a flight attendant bring alcoholic beverages over to Kelly’s section in First Class at least four or five times,” the eyewitness says.

“And when we landed just after midnight, her assistant, who flew with her, had to help her off the plane. They were the last to leave. There was already a burly security guard waiting for them at the arrivals lounge.”

By this time, says the eyewitness, “Kelly’s hair was hanging down, she was mumbling and her makeup was a mess. The guard and her assistant supported her under each arm and basically carried her down the corridor to the airport tram, with Kelly swaying from side to side. I felt so sorry for her.”

Kelly’s four hour flight wasn’t a pleasant time for the 27-year-old, who has reportedly been to rehab four times.

We’re sure it’s hard to deal with Jack’s MS diagnosis, but getting wasted on the flight probably isn’t the best way to cope with the stress.

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