Kiss And Tell: People That Tried To Out Celebrities As Gay

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People That Outed Celebrities

There’s still a stigma sometimes about being homosexual, especially if you’re a celebrity. So they try their hardest to hide any possibility they may be pitching for the other team. So when someone comes out of the woodwork to try to out said celebrity, things get ugly.

These people tried to put celebrity info all out on jump street and it didn’t go well.

John Truesdale – He started the whole windfall against John Travolta by accusing him of wanting some hug and tugs at the massage parlor.

Mister Cee’s “Guest” – When Brook-lynn got caught with Cee, it all hit the fan and he wasn’t afraid to give the info.

Scott Thorson – He recently spoke to tabloids in India about an affair he had with the King. Shhh! Go away!

Raz B – He’s been on a rampage exposing everyone from Omarion to Chris Brown. Yawn.

Martyn – He leaked fake tweets that had Breezy sending him graphic messages about their rendezvous. Turns out it was all a big ruse.

Isiah Thomas – Magic Johnson accused Thomas of spreading rumors he got HIV from being gay. We wouldn’t put it past Zeek.

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    50 Cent – He tried to expose The Game’s male stripper past, with some zesty insinuations. That goes against the rap code!

    Carey Kelly – R. Kelly’s brother accused him of having a bisexual affair back in the day.

    The Lil Wayne Kiss – When someone leaked these pics, it tried to take all of Weezy’s street cred. That didn’t quite work did it?

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